Sunday, May 23, 2010

MusicBank + Inkigayo newly revamped *~Chart Ranking~* calculation system

Once again...! This is something of crucial importance.

I actually done this few weeks ago. But now, the more 'refined' version.
Just thought of sharing this now because the comeback is really by the corner.
And many sites are coming up with this already to prepare our
shields and fans and arrows and canons and knives
and this time, we will make it For-The-Win.


출처: collated from various websites including KBS,MBC,SBS

Music Bank changed their calculation system for chart ranking calculation system (yet) again~
SINCE @ 14.05.2010 (Friday)

They announced their changing of system calculation of Friday's episode.

Digital source (50%) (yes it plays a huge %) + Album Sales (15%) + Appearance in music programmes (15%)
+ KBS Fondness Scale via detailed survey check (20%)
Digital source (+Mobile) (60%) (yes it plays a huge %) + Album Sales (10%) + Appearance in music programmes (20%)
+ KBS Fondness Scale via detailed survey check (10%)

Requirements for sales-wise has had decreased from (original) 15% to (now) 10%,
while appearances on music progs has increased from (orig) 15% to (now) 20%.

==Curious how they calculate their K-Chart's Fondness Scale?
Audiences' Gender, Region, Age range; and then get the audiences
to choose 3 of their favourite songs out of the nominated songs there.
After taking in each response, they will then continue with the calculation
for ranking of each song on the K-Chart.

==Curious how they calculate their Appearance in Music Programmes?
7 : 3

~~Requirements for songs' nomination on the Kchart:
Only songs in the Top 100 of Digital Song Ranking Chart.~~
Which simply means, the ranking of Digital Chart is highly important.


While for SBS Inkigayo, calculation system as follow:

Requirements for the Mutizen Take No.1 :
Sales (20%) + Digital source (30%) + No.of broadcasts (20%)
+ Poll Voting (10%) + Searches (20%)

Sites for calculation of ranking: MELON, Mnet, SBS (site)
Sites for calculation of sales: Hanteo Chart (this is again crucial), Shinnara Media, HOTRACKS; Shinnara+Hottracks+Other stores = Hanteo)
Sites for calculation of searches: NAVER, EMPAS
Votes are referring to: Mobile votes + SBS (site) votes

~~**MBC is also rumoured to be revamping their new system of calculation**~~

In General,

Sites for calculation of ranking: MUZ, Melon, Bugs, Dosirak, MNET, Box, Mnet, CY
Sites for calculation of sales: Hanteo Chart (this is crucial), Shinnara Media, HOTRACKS
Ringtone Downloads: SKT KTF

=Curious how they calculate their Ringtone Downloads?
No. of times the ringtone for that song is downloaded for / (divide by)
No. of times of the Number 1~Number 100 downloaded songs across the 2 main telecomm services

The 2 main telecomm services = SKT , KTF

Requirements: Caller Ringtone (Ringtone that people hear when they call u) + Ringtone (manual download for your phone).
Will only be calculating within No.1 ~ No.100
After which coming up with each song's individual final ranking.


URLs to each digital music site & its operating calculation:::
(korea's 3 largest markets of digital music websites -- MNET, BUGS, MELON)

They go according to the data count for song's ranking from Number 1~Number 100.

Bugs ...
(1 ID to 1 calculation only / day)

Melon ...
(1 ID to 1 calculation only / day) (must finish listening to the full song in order to be counted)

Dosirak ...
(1 ID to infinite / day) (same as soribada's operating calculation)

MNET ...
(1 ID to streaming of only 49 songs; 50 & above will be cleared to 0, so will not be counted)
(also, cannot listen to the same song for no more than 2 continuous times,
listen to another first, then come back to the same song, and this continues, so on and so forth)

(1 ID streams numerous songs per day, but download only 1 ID to 1 song per day)

Cyworld music ...
(Streaming to different songs only, counts as per streaming)

Websites for calculation of Sales:::
Both these sites take into account its Number 1~Number 100 of the songs
on each's chart on a monthly basis. After calculating the rankings for
each song based on every criteria, they will then derive with a
Monthly Chart based on that.

x Hanteo ...
Able to see the Top 6 of highest sales ranking. Refreshes every 20 minutes, but does not refresh all its stats sometimes.

x Hottracks ...
--Combined along with Shinnara to reflect on Hanteo.

x Shinnara ...
--Combined along with Hottracks to reflect on Hanteo.

So how? You want to use Arrows or Knife to fight?