Friday, May 28, 2010

핑쓰 2nd Anniversary -- 축하했던 현중 규종 영생 [수정]

핑쓰 2nd Anniversary -- 축하했던 현중 규종

oops. I was surfing around ramdomly and then I came to this...!

Today was HSSCANDAL's 2nd Anniversary ^____^
축하 해 핑쓰!!!!
For the 2 years...Accompanied the Hyun and the Saeng's scandals throughout... ^___^

On the comments page for this event, guess who left messages?
HyunJoong and KyuJong and of course, YoungSaeng.
The 2 parties did, and a 'busybody' butted in -- Kyujong!
kekeke, I'm just joking. It's of course brilliancy.
It should be the real one. Because it sounds like them ^_^ And usually no1 likes to joke about this stuff.

without further rubbish from me, here is it

Changed new layout on Main
이 쁘죠?? ^^;;

출처: (또 축하해!) + 김현중이니까 (so long never visit this page^^ 감사언님)

KyuJong (first highlighted in green) : Pretties^^ I came to support my brothers~ hee^^
Don't worry~ -- 2010/05/27

HyunJoong (second highlighted in green) : Congrats to PinkSeu (Pinkscandal) who has had flourished for 2 years!!!!
Wanna run together with PinkSeu in future too~^^

(because I saw YS's post below that's why I ended up writing this for my 1st time too..^^)
-- 2010/05/27


YS capture

대박하 자 앞으로도!!!

ThankU to a kind unnie and MissCoppa~ Both!

240 : Congrats to PinkSeu's 2nd Anniversary!!!! (For the fact that I even did this is worth being happy..kk)

303 : Came here today too^^ Congrats to 2nd Anniversary ㅡ ㅡ