Thursday, May 27, 2010

[중요] Twitter trending Rules - 변경.

First of all, Have you had gotten yourself a TT account?
If you haven't, I won't say you're a country pumpkin, because you ain't,
why would you be when you are a human? Not at all. ^_^
Instead, I would think that the best thing for you to do would be to highlight
the fact that you're a human.
Ya get what I mean? ^o^

Next, you do know that today/tonight, there will be a twitter trending again?
It is for the sake of their album release 28 May (tomorrow). Yes, offline,
official release.

But then, not like you don't know about the existence of Twitter...!
What's the big deal in creating a special page about TT that you already know of?
You know how to trend, and you also know how to add the "#" sign to create a hasthtag.
But then again, why?

We'll all be glad if you could do your part in sharing for tonight, 9-11pm KST.
What date is today? Let's think...Let's open our eyes wide wide and SMILE
because HOUSE is SMILE (Basic house slogan...)
Today is 27th May.. And we are approaching JUNE (the very big month) very soon...
C'mon, JUNE!!!!!!

However, twitter rules for trending has had changed. Read on to find out.

You may have already known about this since a few days ago, since it was across many
fanblogs within our sisterhood family.
though I somehow knew about it days ago, ended up am late in sharing but still,
I will not stop to share. you definitely know me by now ^o^

made by: violettacal @ ( (Thank U^^)
target: all tripleS worldwide, whether or not you have a twitter as of present^^

[[Points 2-4 is important.]]

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