Saturday, May 29, 2010

Be Supportive within our Family

Well...first of all, how has your days of streaming/downloading been?
This is our life, our Triples life..^^ if you never knew what destiny meant, here's what
you now gained an insight into. ^_^
Anyway, have you found that you've got many copies of the song available in your
PC/lappi/iPod/iPhone/iTouch/iPad/whatever 'i's you have/video pod/walkman/stereo set?
The more the better, right?
Don't forget, not just digitally, but also the physical album copy itself ^_^
We're talking about full 6 songs here, not just Loveya/LMBTO/until forever/crazy4u,
it includes LMBTO (acoustic) ++ Loveya (instru.)!!
Only then will it make a rightful album by its name.

Henceforth, if you find it a little too many copies you're holding there,
(100 is little. 2000 is alot. ^^)
then prolly you might wish to help your fellow sisters?
Those whom are really supportive of them and really loves them as well.
But...they find it hard to... However, that does not equate to 'low' love.
What do I mean?
Read on to find out.

Go under the cut here to read the full.

Credits to

We should all be supportive of such kind acts...! Of course, to Spread.The.Love

Our Boundless. ^___^

Let's all...Bind,

Right Now.

DESTINATION를 많이많이 사랑해주세요!