Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[잡지] INSTYLE June 2010 -- 정민 RoyalAve backstage lounge

Scans for INSTYLE June...~

remember here about how Jungmin's Royal ave offline shop
back room and lounge room will be showed in INSTYLE June?

now the scans. I'm positive there will be more scans later.
So for now we'll just make do with these good enough scans. ^o^

출처: jeongjong.namoweb.net , 퍼움사 유어시크쓰멤버 (^^ creative? hahaha)

with senior Babyvox noonanim (right)
Interview (a section of it) (left)

아냐하세요! 김~~~~~~~~~~대박임당~~~~~~

Background girls: Rainbow juniors, with cute maknae Hyunyoung holding cake

You aren't afraid of your shirt?