Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[기사] Royal avenue offline shop showroom

keep wowing keep first sight, bbajyeobbajyeo geol~

출처: (기사) tvdaily!+(사진) instyle kr

SS501 member Park JungMin isn't a singer now, he has transformed into a businessman already,
the showroom of his business 'Royal Avenue' has been recently revealed through licensed fashion
magazine "Instyle".

Throughout 3 months, Park JungMin, along with Instyle and interior designer,
joined forces
and worked on 'Royal Avenue' 's showroom project.
Since beginning last December
when the shopping mall first opened its business,
the number of visitors had since begun
increasing exponentially right then,
which gave him determination to carry out full renewal
of his shopping mall, and
his strong aspirations was already shown through his earnest
management for renewal and sincere care for shopping mall business.
From the interior
design to the selection of decoratives were all directly chosen by himself,
thus showing his affection for 'Royal Avenue' to this extend.
'Royal Avenue' revealed its showroom on May 1st where his offline shop held its opening party on.
During the party, SS501 Kim HyungJun, Shim EunJin, Rainbow

were all present to congratulate businessman Park JungMin.

Park Jungmin's Royal Avenue showroom with an interior matching design of
stark black and white as well as its opening party event will be featured in INSTYLE June issue.