Wednesday, May 26, 2010

F4 Idol on Thai Kimchi Magz Cover [full scan + trans]

this was supposed to be posted last month, and after being in the draft
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Full scan

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Because i got this from BigBang's site so they jusy trans TOP's part in detail only
but still they mention hyunjoong ^^ so i posted it here too ^^

Source/Credits: Wayne & Victoria @ bigbangupdates
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BBVIP's forum

The content is basically about how the 4 became close friends.

It all started with Yongsaeng of SS501, who was a former SM trainee. He was friends with Jaejoong then and was the one who introduced Hyunjoong to Jaejoong. Yongsaeng even mentioned before on Golden Fishery Radio Star that Hyunjoong stole Jaejoong away from him.

Hyunjoong, who knew T.O.P during their highschool years (junior and senior year) then introduced T.O.P to Jaejoong and they eventually became friends.

Among the TVXQ members, Jaejoong and Micky are known to be close so Micky was able to join their "group" too.

What do these 4 hot idols do when they get together? Soju! The 4 love drinking Soju and hanging out together. They usually meet with each other after midnight because of their tight schedules. Micky once said that when they drink together, Jaejoong and Hyunjoong drink so fast that he can't keep up w/ them. T.O.P also loves to drink. How much? Well, enough that there was a time when he was so sick and had to take aspirin and still drank alcohol. That was the reason that he was taken to the hospital before.

But their relationship is not just about drinking. They also help and support each other. When Hyunjoong started his role in Boys over Flowers, T.O.P and Jaejoong who already had some acting experience supported him along with the other SS501 members and their fans. They often called and told him that he did well.

The article also mentioned that when T.O.P kissed Hyori, Hyunjoong, who is Hyori's fan, threw the remote control away while watching the show.