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[article] JM press conference

Korean idol group SS501 member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan alone to hold his worldwide premiere conference as he officially announces his contract with Sony Music Taiwan. Park Jungmin who empowers high popularity does not reflect signs of any decrease in popularity where fans buy cars to chase after his vehicle etc, showing a huge sight. Park Jungmin had just signed on to CNR MEDIA at end of August in Korea, and in beginning of September he has also announced to be invading the Japanese musical markets, whilst on 30th he has now arrived in Taiwan to hold his worldwide premiere press conference where he officially announces his plans to invade into the entire world.

Under the planning of Sony Music, Park Jungmin will have collaborations in drama and music. At the same time, during this day's press conference, Sony Music's CEO for central china region Choi Jin-dong (Taiwanese, chi-krn transliteral) ssi has also presented a hugely expensive glass of art titled [Hero spreads his wings]. This glass of art is only limited to 860 pieces in the world, with this old owl spreading out his strong wings so proudly as he takes to the high skies, it shall represent the ascending of Park Jungmin as a part of Korea's top idol group SS501 to the skies, and under further love of huge group of fans in Korea, Japan, China etc, he sets off with a brand new status. With his announcement to invade Taiwan and into the Asian markets, it is expected that Park Jungmin will have more diverse developments in his showbiz career and that he will continue to shine brighter in the international markets as he shall carve out a new sky of his own.

Park Jungmin's been to Taiwan many times but his thoughts this time is different. Though he is developing alone now, Park Jungmin brings with him the attitude of exceeding himself to challenge for the limit and holds along that firm stand and attitude to carve out his sky in Taiwan. Park Jungmin who has a language flair began to yak in Mandarin non-stop the moment he arrived in Taiwan. He sees camera-men holding the cameras and will start asking for the pronunciation of camera in Mandarin. He could possibly see anything at all and ask for its pronunciation. His high curiosity indeed awes the staff there on his high energy level. Even for his luggage, he even came out of the room to move his luggage into the room by himself after it's been delivered to his hotel doorstep. Such a friendly attitude of his is much well loved as he shows no air at all and even sends greetings to fans one by one. On his way to his hotel, he even pulled down the car window to greet with the fans warmingly, shouting words like "I love you all", "I will die without you all" etc; one of his wishes with his trip to Taiwan this time is to take a thorough shopping across Taipei and wishes to experience the nightlife of Taipei. Park Jungmin expresses that after he comes to Taiwan, there will be lots of matters for him to pick up, so he asks for everybody's support and encouragement.

On the press conference also came Lin Yu-chun (little fatty; nickname), he took out time amidst his busy schedule to welcome this Korean junior of his. Little Fatty excclaimed, "I've finally got a junior! I've heard that Park Jungmin loves hamburgers!" after which Lin Yu-chun also presented to Jungmin his english album and an encouragement handkerchief along with an "extra large burger", sharing with Jungmin his happiness being an international star. Little Fatty expresses, "If I have a chance I will definitely bring Park Jungmin to taste the many palatable delicacy of Taiwan's. Will also introduce the many famous and exciting places to Jungmin, to let him feel the passion and sentiments of Taiwanese".

His Sony music taiwan website :::

[영상][JM] News presses of 0930's Press Conf

back stilldrop writes
Park Jungmin signs on to Sony Music Taiwan
Worldwide Premiere Conference...!

CTV 0930

UBN 0930

GTV 0930

[article][HJ] Read and Read and Reads the Script

Kim HyunJoong's fiery passion for acting burns wild and hot as he stars across in MBC Wed-Thurs mini series 'Playful Kiss'.

Last 27th morning at somewhere in Kyunggi-do where Playful Kiss carried out its shooting at, a photo of this day's behind the scene is now revealed as it captivates the enthusiastic interest of netizens.

Kim Hyun Joong portrays the gradual change in arrogant guy Baek Seung Jo due to the influence of Oh Ha Ni, and this role of his is gradually captivating the fondness of female audiences.

As Kim Hyun Joong throws aside his previous Yoon Jihoo from Boys over Flowers and now challenges a cold and aloof Baek Seung Jo aptly, he gains the recognition of a successful change as an actor. Playful Kiss that has now passed a certain turning point officially transforms the love line relationship between Baek Seungjo and Oh Hani into a somewhat solid stage.

According to a related personnel who reveals, "Kim Hyun Joong ssi is very much more hardworking than any others. When he has a shooting ahead, he will always put in a lot of effort to analyse that scene thoroughly, not just that but at the shooting location, he never leaves the script in his hands at all. He really worked very hard for this, and he always never fails to create an amiable ambience at the shooting location with his bright smile as always".

In addition, "Despite not having any time at all to sleep in this very tightly packed shooting schedule every single day, Kim Hyun Joong is still very much grateful to fans' support for him as he promises to do his very best", "As far as to how fans showed support for Playful Kiss, everybody including Kim Hyun Joong and all actors and staff will continue to work hard as we ask for all of you guys' interest and love in upcoming content that we will show to you".

On the other hand, drama Playful Kiss that is garnering much interest for the future relationship development of the Seungjo-Hani couple will continue to grab the attention of audiences with its more intense excitement in the story.

photo from KEYEAST

[video] Jangki #10 preview (+e)

Translator: Blissfulwishes
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[TV][jm] CTV 09.29

youtube by yinglisa5387

JM captured on TV again

[article] JM arrives in TW

South Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan yesterday but without a decrease in popularity, fetching around 500 fans who went to greet him at the airport.

Park Jungmin has arrived yesterday afternoon in Taiwan, a total of 6 staff, 16 South Korean media tagged after. Though he saw many fans present at the airport, he didn't stay on too long but his smile was present all the while. He will be holding his press conference today to announce his future plans in the chinese region area.

from taipei news


SS501 members focus on solo activities for now as member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan individually with his singer status, attracting approximately 200 fans to the airport. The moment he stepped into the arrival hall, fans raised about 8 tones of non-stop screaming, frightening quite some bit of tourists. He's happy to see so many fans as he happily waves his hands here and there, and even shook hands with fans amidst the commotion, and with this aroused another round of yelling.

After arriving at Taiwan he rushed straight to Shinkong Mitsukoshi to pick the outfits he has to wear for today's press conference, and with this he's contributed a tiny portion to Taiwan's GDP economic; while at night he took dinner with Taiwan's famous producer Angie Chai.

His accomodation this time round is Westin Taipei Hotel. Number of people who tagged along in this trip included his make-up artist, stylist, manager as well as 16 korean media presses/journalists, which was quite a sight.

from: apple daily taipei

[직캠][HJ] 09.29 After Work

fancam by sarah nim
youtube by iMissChievous

[article] Jangki #9 ratings

MBC Wed-Thurs drama 'Playful Kiss' is now showing signs of its stationary status.
On the 30th, according to ratings research center AGB Nilson Media Researches, Playful Kiss that aired on 29th night recorded nationwide ratings of 4.5%.
This number is actually 1.3% lower than its last episode broadcasted on 23rd with 5.8%.
Such a sight shown could be seen as a result of the verging against the very first broadcast of KBS2 'Fugitive PLAN B' starring Jung Jihoon (Rain), Lee Nayoung etc.
In reality, this day's 'Fugitive' recorded ratings of 20.7%, with such high ratings recorded on its first ever broadcast, it shows the amount of support it receives from audiences.
Albeit the low ratings for Playful Kiss, actors Kim HyunJoong and Jung Somin have been dwelving alot of hard work into their characters, so there is much anticipation to how this will work out lke in days to come.
On the other hand, on this day's same timing slot on SBS, 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' recorded nationwide ratings of 16.6%.


On the 30th, according to ratings research center TNmS, KBS2 new Wed-thurs drama 'Fugitive PLAN B' that began airing on 29th starring Rain, Lee Nayoung has recorded 21.7% of drama ratings as it claims the Number 1 spot amongst Wed-Thurs dramas beginning since its first ever telecast.
During the same timing slot also included SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' with 18.6% of ratings. Whilst MBC 'Playful Kiss' recorded low ratings of 4%.
With 'Fugitive' exceeding the 20% ratings as it becomes the hot-cake in demand like this, this could be credited to the luxurious casting with people like the successor of previous 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' - Rain, Lee Nayoung etc, in addition to that also comes 'Chuno' 's solid combination of Chun Sung-il and Kwak Jung-hwan, which is probably why anticipation for this drama is reflected like this in its ratings.
On the other hand, on this day's 'Fugitive' also featured cameos like 'Chuno' 's Lee Da Hae, Oh Ji Ho, Kwak Hyun-hwa etc that added on to the intensity level of this drama.

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[fancam][jm] 09.29 Going for Taiwan


[fanpic][JM] 09.29 in Taiwan

Photo by - 朴政玟中文首站¤No.43 Park

[fancam][JM] 09.29 in Taiwan

youtube by ss50190408

chill babe~~~ *cool*

[video][HJ] 09.24 TFS Section TV {e+c}

MBC 09.24 Section -- The face Shop interview


Chi Sub
credit: + youtube-minny0930

Eng Sub (1)
credit: youtube-reena29shadow

Eng Sub (2)
Eng by wonderrrliz501
QC by blissfulwishes

One More Time Karoake ㅋㅋㅋ

이게뭐야^^? What is this? ^^

Translator: Ode
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[직캠][jm] 09.29 Incheon Air

09.29 Incheon airport
by shyoon1230 - 너를위해님

[영상] 08.27, 08.31 videos {e}

Some videos now english subbed. Thanks to all!

eng translate by gohiddenfan
QC by blissfulwishes

MNET 08.31
eng translate by wonderrrLiz501

[직찍][jm] 09.29 Incheon Air

Photo by 朴政玟中文首站¤No.43 Park

many people who went to see him in the morning in incheon has noticed his slight change in looks and marvels at his gorgeous

[영상] Jangki #9 Teaser

after long preview HERE, this is the late teaser for tonight's #9

Youtube by iMissChievous

[사진] 09.29 Jangki homepage

많이아파ㅜㅜ so Painful

Seung-jo: Where do you want to go?

this melts the heart of her

Where are we going to now?

After spending a day of unforgettable date...
Seungjo shows more of himself, Hani finds herself even more attracted to such a Seungjo

[DVD] Saitama - JM focuz

2multi angles songs

by youtube ts501hk



[영상][hj] Spain Collectors DVD - w.Friends {c}

trnslated & made by: Magic賢(
youtube by: 6hyunyoyo6

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[article] HyungJun TW fanmeeting @ October

Source: Warner Music Taiwan Facebook
Eng Trans: Only Jun (
Repost with full credits

[SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting on 24 Oct (Sun) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center

SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun to hold Fanmeeting on 24 Oct (Sun) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center.
Tickets available first from Warner (TW) Online Store on 1 Oct (Fri), from 2 Oct (Sat) ERA tickets system will be opened for purchase.
[Young brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun betray Leader Kim Hyun Joong to get gradually closer to [Sister-in-law]!?
Kim Hyung Jun to become MC with rising popularity

This year Hallyu wave is hitting Taiwan strongly! After a quick trip to Taiwan for the Golden Melody awards, under the keen anticipation of fans [SS501] Magnae Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to hold (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour) at Taiwan NTU Sports Center on 24 October (Sunday)! Limited tickets will be available from 1 Oct (Fri) at Warner Online Store at a first come first serve basis, 2 Oct (Sat) tickets will be available from ERA Tickets. Kim Hyung Jun's new show where he would be one of the MCs will be broadcasted soon, however, he is keeping himself busy by flirting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo!? Actually both will be co-hosting the new program 'Midnight idols', in order develop better chemistry, both often tweet to each other merrily, hence becoming closer. When replying, Kim Hyung Jun even acted impolitely teasing [Sister-in-law] and making her happier!

[SS501] Kim Hyung Jun confirmed to grant fans' wishes to visit Taiwan again after Golden Melody Awards, to hold his (I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour) on 24 October 7pm at Taiwan NTU Sports Center. Tickets are priced at 3 different categories of 2800 TWD, 2500 TWD and 2300 TWD, with a total of 2000 tickets. Fans who bought the 2800TWD and 2500 TWD will receive Taiwan Limited Edition 'Kim Hyung Jun's Message Magnet'. Fans who bought tickets will stand a chance to win 4 large hanging poster scroll on the actual day.

[I AM SS501 Kim Hyung Jun! 1st International Fan Meeting Tour] tickets purchase:

-1 Oct (Fri) 12noon, Warner online store (£©within 22hrs, 156 limited tickets for [Official Site member]. These are Golden Tickets to be purchased online

-2 Oct (Sat) 12noon, tickets to be sold at ERA tickets

Kim Hyung Jun who has recently completed his Fanmeeting in Singapore, appeared to be very happy to be able to visit his fans in Taiwan again after attending Golden Melody Awards. Even though he finds it hard to adapt to perform alone on stage initially, but with fans cheering for him offstage, Kim Hyung Jun promised to leave good memories for fans at his Fanmeeting. At the Fanmeeting, Kim Hyung Jun will be singing a few of his solo songs, and other than showcasing his singing prowess, he will showcasing his other talents, by drawing portraits of lucky fans on stage, and there will be chances for fans to come closer to him. Taking pictures together, handshakes, hugs are all OK, hence tickets are definitely worth the price!

The very busy [Brother-in-law] Kim Hyung Jun recently have been chatting with [Sister-in-law] Hwang Bo to develop deeper feelings? Actually it is because Kim Hyung Jun's overwhelming popularity, he has been receiving invites to attend TV variety shows, besides the radio broadcast 'Kim Hyung Jun's Music High', now he will be co-hosting a new show 'Midnight Idols' with Hwang Bo, Eun Ji Won and others. The hosting group is made up of Korean POP Senior Idols while guests will make up of the newer generation of Idols. In order to have develop better working chemistry with Hwang Bo, Kim Hyung Jun 'followed' Hwang Bo on Twitter and both started chatting frequently on Twitter. There was once when Kim Hyung Jun appeared at the studio for recording but he was busy tweeting with Kim Kyu Jong instead. This was found out by Hwang Bo and was asked to visit the waiting room for a greeting, but Kim Hyung Jun replied Hwang Bo with [I dont want! Hwang Bo noona], together with a text signifying a mischievous face. From their funny texts, it is evident that both have already become closer!

[직캠][hj] 09.28 Jangki

Don't reupload, reedit, nor hotlink.^^

[영상] Jkpop craze 09.21

1st posted: 23 Sep
last edited: 28 Sep

+ Eng for those who might need a bit of understanding

Jkpop craze

introduces the persona Photobook that goes on sale


this particular episode is GOODY!

In addition, we've recently contacted that Park CEO, Mr Park Horse

besides sending his greetings to JK-craze's friends, he also revealed some you know, some information because he's happy, (notice his tone here, abit pausing, seemingly careful not to divulge further)

*points to people outside of screen*
good news, that is

everybody's previous worries was really in vain..... sigh *hits palm*

I can only say until here

I believe by saying until here you guys will already know, ne?
Worry no more! Because there will be good news *struts finger*
but...everyone needs to wait a lil' longer
Because everyone has each's individual plans for now...Right?
but now, Park Jungmin has told us "dont worry yo~"
so, everybody just listen to the Mr.Goody~~~
And just await for that beautiful day to arrive~~~~

-behind omits, introduces Persona Concert photobook-

[영상][hj] YStar 09.28 -- ECO CAL.


talks about the purpose of Eco Calendar event, 2nd year since 2009. About ambassadors Bae yong-joon, Kim Hyun-joong, Lee Na-young etc. Brief introduction, captures of them all shooting for the calendar.

1LS Wedding Report

Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
Japanese Translation: miyo@

2010.09.25 Saturday Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”―Lake Hamana Location Report No.2―

Source: "The First Love Story" Shooting Blog
Japanese Translation: miyo@

When question about shooting the wedding ceremony scene, this is how he replied.
“I had experienced in wedding ceremony in drama and I had also worn before a tuxedo. I wonder if I would still have the nervous, excited feeling when the day of the real wedding comes? One will get worried when doing too many wedding scenes.”

About the outdoor wedding setup at the garden of Magna resort, his thoughts were, “It’s strange how such a nice view like Hawaii can be setup in Japan.”
The extras and fans all moved to the outdoor wedding venue and the fliming starts.
After the extras are seated, first they filmed the kids scene. 2 children walked down the aisle smiling while scattering the petals.

The local artiste did a wonderful performance under the scorching hot sun.

When Hyun Joong appeared at the arch entrance wearing his tuxedo, sighs can be heard.
Hyun Joong’s muttering voice can be heard when getting near him.

Director Che’s translator and assistant, Lee Yumi grabbed the microphone and worked hard warming up the atmosphere.
Finally Hyun Joong walked down the aisle with hundreds of balloons flying up.
Blessings with a round of applause. Stepping infront of the platform and made a bow.

President of Magna Resort acted as the matchmaker accepted the bow.
While waiting on standby, Hyun Joong said to the extras nearby, “It’s very hot eh..”

Thereafter, he filmed the extras with the camera he had in his hand.

Checking the images that he had just took and said with a mischievous look boasting,“This is how it was taken. It’s an art.”

After taking several times of the entering scene, taking the next scene together with the little girl.
Hyun Joong asked in Japanese “How old are you?” “What’s your name?” etc to the little girl.
His thoughtfulness to the little girl made her loosen up and feeling relaxed.

[영상][hj] 09.27 mnet wide - Eco Cal. Interview

09.27 Mnet Wide - Eco Cal

video fr_iMisschievous@youtube

Yeah hello I'm Kim HyunJoong
Today is the shooting for this Environment Campaign, and it's been an enjoyable one
Been avidly caring for the environment, though it may seem a little troublesome at times, I hope all of you could also help to show your love for the environment

[video] Jangki #9 Long preview {c}

video cap from: //
source: mbc kiss website


youtube by minny0930

chi subs by MagicHyun (
youtube by 6hyunyoyo6

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[vid] Saitama DVD - 2 multi-angles (another ver.)

when the camera gets shaken, everything falls into place

[video][Jun] Obama Preview no.2 (30th Sep)

Airs 3 days later

from_3kimheopark4jangki @ youtube

[Official] tTFS 15s

with no logo~^^~

video from-0606ma

Samsung card Sep 2010

from: samsung card tweeter//hj DC gal

No idea when did Samsung card renew itself

[article] HyungJun in OBama


SS501 Kim HyungJun is challenging as an MC of variety programmes.

On the 27th, according to Kim Hyung Jun's agency, he will be undertaking the role of an MC for cable channel MBC Every1's new variety programme "Oh bam ah" (Kids in the middle of night).

"Oh Bam ah" is the newly revamped programme after MBC's hit variety 'Dong Geo Dong Rak' and will now be the new idol version of 'Dong Geo Dong Rak'. The senior idols along with junior idols who appear as guests of that day will be carrying out talks, quizzes, games etc together. This senior-junior programme will aim to bring out and train the entertainment sense in the junior idols.

Kim Hyung Jun will be pairing up MC chemistry along with senior idols Kim Chang Ryul, Eun Ji Won, Kim Sung Soo, Hwang Bo etc.

On a recent episode with guest Infinite going on the show, Kim Hyung Jun who had already displayed his charismatic side in SS501 once again flaunted his entertainment sense during game moments with Infinite, and with that he's had turned the shooting location into a sea of laughter.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed through his agency, "In the past where I was in Pro-gamer and/or environmental variety programmes, I already gained interesting and happy experiences", "And now whereby I could greet everyone through an official variety programme like this every week, I feel great and excited".

He also added on, "Since this is my first time as an MC in an official variety, I feel kinda stressed but because I'm doing it with the seniors, I feel practical as the Maknae. Through variety programmes I'll be able to show everyone another new side of Kim Hyung Jun".

"Oh Bam Ah" will begin its first airing on September 30.

[video][hj] Eco Calendar Making+Interview

Calendar Making + Interview


short capture & footage
youtube: anpan2H

[vid] Eco Calendar = Keyeast

Eco calendar, some little efforts to save the Earth by the Keyeast family


[article] Eco Calendar of Keyeast family to be donated (Sep 2010)

Credits : Yonhap News 2010-09-27 11:15
Korean to English translation by Suehan / Suehan's BYJ Blog

(Seoul=Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Byung Gyu = Top stars including Bae Yong Joon, Lee Na Young, and Kim Hyun Joong got together to produce the calendar for the environment.

On the 27th, their agency, Keyeast stated that they produced “2011 Eco Calendar” with the actors of Keyeast, Choi Gang Hee, Lee Bo Young, Bong Tae Gyu, Lee Ji Ah, So Yi Hyun, Hwan Hee, Hong Soo Hyun, and Kim Soo Hyun.

This calendar contains stories related to the environmental anniversary, marking the official environmental anniversary, and actors’ comments relating to the environment anniversary which were specified by the actors.

Keyeast paid all of the production expenses. This calendar used Environmentally-friendly papers and vegetable bean oil ink for its production and was produced through an environmentally-friendly production process. Entire profits will be donated to Global Environment Program of the Korean committee of the United Nations Environment Program.

Keyeast’s actors donated the profits from the shooting of the environmental photo book for the magazine last May to environmental groups.

The calendar will be released by the on-off line store of Korea Ten by Ten ( and Japan Bofi site ( at the same time. It will also be introduced through a Smart-phone application in the middle of October.

Yang Geun Hwan, the representative of Keyeast said, “All of the actors became the Eco – supporters this year like last year.”, and “The calendar contains the honest stories from the actors regarding the environment with smiles.”

(The End)

[article] JM to Taiwan on 29th Sep (+press conf)

09/27 [news] SS501 Park JungMin, To Visit Taiwan on 29th, Reveals Blueprint for Advancement into Asia

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @

SS501 Park JungMin accelerates advancement into Asia.

Park JungMin will visit Taiwan for 3 days 2 night schedule starting on 29th. Continuing his overseas activities after his contract with Japan Yamaha group¡¯s Yamaha Music Entertainment on 16-Sep, the visit to Taiwan this time is part of his advancement into the Asia market.

Agency CNR Media revealed that the activities in Korea as well as Japan has been fixed to a certain extent. This official visit is to make specific plans for his activities in Asia including Taiwan, China, HongKong, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc, with Comic Ritz who is CNR Media¡¯s partner.¡±

Park JungMin mentioned about his visit to Taiwan through his official facebook page and is currently gaining high interests from fans and industry personnel. In addition for his Korean fans, his official homepage is scheduled to be opened in mid-October.


-last paragraph-

In addition, Park Jungmin will also carry out his official press conference in Taiwan on the 30th to reveal exact plans in Asia.

You will Succeed!! Yahoooo!

[fanvid] HJ in Saitama DVD Focuz

nice^^ of concert in Saitama


[video] Think for JM's japanese fc name

chi subs by_no43 park (
eng subs by_501wangja@youtube

Think think think!!!

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[직캠][hj] 09.26 Hospital

Hospital scene where relationship takes a bigger leap

HyunJoong 2011 Calendar scan

calendar credit scan: hiromi chan
Thanks very!!

The calendar could be bought HERE