Thursday, September 30, 2010

[article] JM arrives in TW

South Korea idol group SS501 member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan yesterday but without a decrease in popularity, fetching around 500 fans who went to greet him at the airport.

Park Jungmin has arrived yesterday afternoon in Taiwan, a total of 6 staff, 16 South Korean media tagged after. Though he saw many fans present at the airport, he didn't stay on too long but his smile was present all the while. He will be holding his press conference today to announce his future plans in the chinese region area.

from taipei news


SS501 members focus on solo activities for now as member Park Jungmin came to Taiwan individually with his singer status, attracting approximately 200 fans to the airport. The moment he stepped into the arrival hall, fans raised about 8 tones of non-stop screaming, frightening quite some bit of tourists. He's happy to see so many fans as he happily waves his hands here and there, and even shook hands with fans amidst the commotion, and with this aroused another round of yelling.

After arriving at Taiwan he rushed straight to Shinkong Mitsukoshi to pick the outfits he has to wear for today's press conference, and with this he's contributed a tiny portion to Taiwan's GDP economic; while at night he took dinner with Taiwan's famous producer Angie Chai.

His accomodation this time round is Westin Taipei Hotel. Number of people who tagged along in this trip included his make-up artist, stylist, manager as well as 16 korean media presses/journalists, which was quite a sight.

from: apple daily taipei