Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Twitter] Young Saeng

This is youngsaeng's twitter ^o^ *yata*

Account first created: 2nd August 2010
1st tweeted: 4th September 2010

1. 108층에서바라본전경~~ 라스베가스에서..^^
@2010-09-04, 7:30 AM
English:, the scenery seen on the 108th storey~~ In Las Vegas..^^

2. with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas 기념사진찰칵!!
@2010-09-05, 7:13 PM

English: with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas, A shot of a commemoration photo!!

3. Support #saylove, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -
@2010-09-05, 7:29 PM
Support #saylove, add a #twibbon to your avatar now! -

4. 지빈이한테조금배웠지만..솔직히이거어떻게하는건지모르겠다ㅡㅡ세대에안뒤쳐질라고해볼라했는데;; 이거이상하게할줄은몰라도자꾸틀게되네ㅡㅡ베터리완전빨리달던데.. 이거트위터라는게그냥이렇게혼자글쓰는거맞겠지?ㅋ
@2010-09-06, 12:50 AM
English: Though I've learnt abit from Jibin..I still don't really know how to play this ㅡㅡ, I came onto twitter because I didn't wanna be laid back in this generation;;
I was mostly in the state where I don't even know I'm doing it in a weird manner since I didn't think I wouldㅡㅡ Battery totally gets heated up so quickly.. For this Twitter thing, I just have to write something by myself like this right? k

5. @Actor_ParkJiBin 이렇게하면되는거냐?
@2010-09-06, 8:13 AM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin So it will do just like this? (talking about @ reply-ing)

6. @Steven_Lee_ 친구중에새한마리요?머징?ㅡㅡ
2010-09-07, 12:28 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ A bird amongst friends? What talking you? ㅡㅡ

@Steven_Lee_ X-japan미국에서콘서트해요? 보고싶다ㅠㅠ
@2010-09-07, 8:33 PM

English: @Steven_Lee_ X-japan will be having a concert in USA? Wanna attend ㅠㅠ

8. @onestarL 할말이읍써~ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-09, 3:57 PM
English: @onestarL I don't have things to say~ ㅡㅡ
(@onestarL asked him to write on twitter often)

9. @Actor_ParkJiBin 드디어가는구나~잘갔다와라~뺀질아!!ㅋ
@2010-09-09, 3:58 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin So you're finally going~ Come back safely~ Skiving dude!! k

10. @HyungJun87 머가또갑자기만세여?ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-10, 1:09 PM
English: @HyungJun87 What thing makes you suddenly go Manseh? ㅡㅡ

11. @HyungJun87 넌Zzi X X ㅋㅋㅋ
@2010-09-10, 5:11 PM
English: @HyungJun87 You are Zzi X X kkk
(oww someone is angry ^o^)
(hyungjun called him black pig..............)
(ㅜ did you guys thought noone is watching your convo?)

12. @HyungJun87 너트위터한지오래됐구나~~근데왜안알려줬어?ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-10, 8:10 PM
English: @HyungJun87 I see that you've been on Twitter for quite long already har~~But why didn't you tell me?ㅡㅡ

@HyungJun87 야~~나만팔로우한다고다가아니야?같이해야~팔로우화면뜨는겨?
@2010-09-10, 10:23 PM
English: @HyungJun87 Ya~~ If I was the only one to follow you (one-sidedly), it won't do don't you think? We should do it together~ Didn't you see the Following list?
(he means if Hyungjun will see his following list on his follower list or not because he is not so sure)

@zerotic0124 헬로
@2010-09-11, 3:58 AM
English: @zerotic0124 Hello

15. @HyungJun87 그래한판붙자!!ㅋ
@2010-09-11, 3:12 PM
English: @HyungJun87 Sure, let's have a round of it!! k

16. @PHOTOKARMA 형~~팔로우해조요ㅋ
@2010-09-11, 7:41 PM
English: @PHOTOKARMA Hyung~~ Please follow me k

17. @zakkykim 형~~팔로우해조요~~ㅋ

@2010-09-11, 7:41 PM
English: @zakkykim Hyung~~ Please follow me~~ k

18. @JungMin0403 얘기하기전에팔로우했구나~ㅋ
@2010-09-12, 2:52 AM
English: @JungMin0403 So you already followed me before we even talked har~k

19. @2kjdream ㅋㅋ시작했구나~~하다보면쉬워질거야~ㅋ
@2010-09-13, 11:43 PM
English: @2kjdream kk, so you've also begun har~~ As you play along, you'll gradually find it easier slowly~k

20. @HyungJun87 @2kjdream 먼소리여ㅡㅡ스타한판하게~~~ㅋ

@2010-09-13, 11:45 PM
English: @HyungJun87 @2kjdream What you talking ㅡㅡ Let's have a round of Starcraft~~~k

21. @Actor_ParkJiBin 독일좋냐?나두가고싶다ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-15, 6:41 PM

English: @Actor_ParkJiBin Was Germany fun? I want to go tooㅡㅡ
(Jibin went to Germany and returned only...yesterday)

22. @KimseAd 부담되요ㅜㅠ담에도잘해야한다는부담감..ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-16, 11:18 PM
English: @KimseAd Feels burdened ㅜㅠ About that I have to do better the next time..kk

23. @Seojisuk 형이많이바쁘니까요~~ㅋ같이해야되는데~~
@2010-09-16, 11:20 PM
English: @Seojisuk Because Hyung has been very busy oh~~k, we have gotta go do it together no matter what~~

24. @hyeongjin2 무슨폭로를해요~~ㅋ
@2010-09-16, 11:21 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 What exposure you talking about~~k

25. @Steven_Lee_ 요즘많이바쁜가봐요~ㅋ미쿡갔다온지얼마안됐는데~또가고싶네요ㅠㅠ담에는잉글리쉬를쫌배워서갈겁니다!!ㅋ
@2010-09-16, 11:23 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Seems like you've been very busy these days~k, After returning from the US there wasn't much to do with time~ But I want to go again already ㅠㅠ The next time will be going there with a little of my English learned!! k

@2kjdream 로드트립이뭐야?
@2010-09-17, 2:16 PM
English: @2kjdream What's road trip?

27. @woosangil ㅋㅋ환영합니다~~트위터가좋은게해외에서도같이대화할수있어서좋은거같아요ㅋ
@2010-09-17, 7:42 PM
English: @woosangil kk Welcome~~ Twitter is something good that allows communication even while in overseas, so it really seems good k

28. @woosangil 우삼겹이뭐에요?
@2010-09-17, 6:05 PM
English: @woosangil What's Wusamgyeop? (it's a restaurant in Chungdamdong selling a kind of special dinner beef, as according to @woosangil)

29. @2kjdream 농구팀만들거여~~ㅋ
@2010-09-20, 8:12 PM
English: @2kjdream We've gotta form a basketball team~~k

30. @HyungJun87 이자식..나한테는추석잘보내라고안했네ㅡㅡ난못보내겠군~
@2010-09-20, 8:30 PM
English: @HyungJun87 This rascal..Didn't send me the 'Have a good Chuseok' nyaㅡㅡ Since like that then I won't send (greetings) too~

31. @2kjdream 추석끝나구해야지ㅋ

@2010-09-20, 8:31 PM
English: 2kjdream Should actually play it (basketball) after Chuseok don't you think, k

32. @2kjdream 생각해볼게....ㅡㅡa
@2010-09-20, 8:37 PM
English: @2kjdream Lemme consider first....ㅡㅡa

33. @zakkykim 옙~~ㅋㅋ시간내서술한잔해요~^^메리추석되세요~~~~~~~!!!!
@2010-09-20, 9:49 PM
English: @zakkykim Yep~~ kk If you have time let's go for some drink~^^ Have a merry chuseok~~~~~~~!!!!

34. @2kjdream 베벵~~~~
@2010-09-20, 9:50 PM
English: @2kjdream bebeng~~~~

35. @HyungJun87 에잇~~나쁜넘ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-20, 9:51 PM
English: @HyungJun87 Aye~~ Bad fellaㅡㅡ
(bad becoz Hyungjun did not send him greetings......)

36. 엎드려절받기ㅡㅡ추석잘보내고~~맛있는거많이먹구돼지되랑!!!
@2010-09-21, 6:15 PM
English: Didn't hear what you sayㅡㅡ Have a good Chuseok~~ Eat lotsa delicious stuff and become a pig ok!!!

37. @2kjdream 야~~지영이한테~나두팔로우하라해~
@2010-09-21, 6:17 PM
English: @2kjdream Ya~~ You send to Jiyoung (kara)~ Ask her to follow me too~

38. @kkangjii 드디어팔로우했구나~~난진작에해놨는데ㅡㅡ나도신세대라서....^^
@2010-09-21, 6:53 PM
English: @kkangjii So you finally followed already nya~~ I started this not long agoㅡㅡ So to me this' also a new generation world....^^

39. @kkangjii ㅋㅋㅋㅋ나도나이가드는느낌이...ㅠㅠ추석인데맛난거많이먹어요~^^
@2010-09-21, 7:19 PM
English: @kkangjii kkkk Me too I feel like I'm growing older slowly...ㅠㅠ Eat more delicious stuff with this Chuseok~^^

40. @Steven_Lee_ 나가보질않아서잘모르겠는데~아까엄청오긴왔어요ㅠㅠ하늘이무너지는줄알았어요ㅋ
@2010-09-21, 9:55 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ I didn't go out to see so I'm not too sure~ It was really raining very very heavily just now ㅠㅠ I was expecting the sky to collapse almost k
(@Steven_lee_ asked him if his side is raining very heavily or not)

41. @zakkykim 자꾸누구한테뭐라하는거에요?
@2010-09-22, 3:58 PM
English: @zakkykim Who are you always telling all these to?

42.@zakkykim 전그냥집에있습니다ㅋㅋ갈데가없어서ㅠ
@2010-09-22, 5:18 PM
English: @zakkykim I'm just at home kk, no where to go ㅠ
(poor thing.......)

43. @zerotic0124 나두심심해요ㅠㅠ
@2010-09-23, 8:50 PM
English: @zerotic0124 Me too kinda bored ㅠㅠ

44. @Steven_Lee_ ㅋㅋ농구복이랑농구화사놓구선~한번도못입어봤다는ㅡㅡ;;
@2010-09-24, 7:12 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ kk have gotta go buy basketball uniform and basketball shoes~ Didn't even wear for once yetㅡㅡ;;

45. @gyuri88 여긴어디에있는거야?
@2010-09-24, 7:13 PM
English: @gyuri88 Where is that place at?

46. 어제는농구시합에..밤새고아침에야구시합에..집에와서잠들고밤에일어났더니잠이안와ㅠㅠ몸은쑤시고..젠장 ㅠㅠ
@2010-09-26, 5: 39 AM
English: Had a basketball game until late night yesterday (Sep 24)..and then another baseball game in the early morning (Sep 25)..Came back home and went to sleep, woke up at night, and now - I can't sleep ㅠㅠ Feeling painful in the body..Damn it ㅠㅠ

47. @woosangil 형이방금전화했었나요?나폰이망가져서 임시폰이라 번호가저장이안되있어요 ㅋ
@2010-09-26, 9:06 AM
English: @woosangil Hyung did you call me just now? My phone was dead already so I'm using a temporary phone, it cannot save phone numbers k

48. @zerotic0124 볼링도해야죠 ㅋㅋ이겨주겠어~~
@2010-09-26, 9:07 AM
English: @zerotic0124 Yeah gotta go for bowling too right kk, Gonna win~~

@2kjdream 삼진아웃됐다ㅡㅡ야구신동은무신...
@2010-09-26, 3:48 PM
English: Got 3 strikesㅡㅡ What baseball wonderboy again...
(with regards to @2kjdream asking how was his baseball & saying he's one wonderboy)

50. @Actor_ParkJiBin 응ㅋㅋ너도놀러오게??
@2010-09-26, 5:45 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin Eung kk, will you be coming to play??
(@Actor_ParkJiBin asks if he's gonna play with Seo Jisuk gun)

51. @2kjdream 지금전에쓰던걸로번호옴겨서쓰구있어 ㅋㅋ트위터는아이팟으로~~
@2010-09-26, 5:47 PM
English: @2kjdream I moved my number and writes all these from before and now kk, for Twitter I use i-Pad~~

52. @woosangil 어제잠들어버렸어요 ㅋㅋ 이거이상하게자꾸하게되요 ㅋㅋ은근중독성~~
@2010-09-26, 6:25 PM
English: @woosangil I went dozing yesterday and lost myself in dreams kk, I keep finding this weird kk, peculiar addiction~~
(@woosangil says he himself thinks Twitter is tooo addicting and can just hold a phone for the entire day doing nothing)

53. @Actor_ParkJiBin 시합있을때가지~~ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-26, 9:51 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin I'll go only when there are matches~~ kk
(@Actor_ParkJiBin asks if he goes all the time,or not)

54. @zerotic0124 팔도!!!!
@2010-09-28, 3:43 PM
English: @zerotic0124 Paldo!!!!
(@zerotic0124 is whipping a meal - Paldo Bibim noodles, a type of meal noodle)

55. @Actor_ParkJiBin @2kjdream 야!형진이형이나이가몇인데!!!난아저씨에서빼줘야지!!!ㅋㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 3:45 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin @2kjdream Ya! How old is Hyungjin hyung!!! If that's the case I should not even be called Ahjussi (uncle) don't you think!!! kkk
(hehehehe Ahjussi~~~~~~)

56. @kkangjii 너자꾸일본어해ㅡㅡ오빠가한자는읽을줄몰라ㅠㅠ
@2010-09-28, 3:46 PM
English: @kkangjii You keep typing in Japanese ㅡㅡ Oppa doesn't know how to read Hanjaㅠㅠ
(make it happen!!!)

57. @hyeongjin2 아저씨!!트윗에빠지솄세여~~ㅋㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 3:47 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 Ajussi!! Seems like you've fallen hard for Twitter a~~kkk

58. @hyeongjin2 @woosangil 대박ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 3:48 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 @woosangil Daebak kk

59.@2kjdream 베벵~~베벵일본갔엉~~ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 3:53 PM
English: @2kjdream Bebeng~~Bebeng went to Japan~~kk

60. @2kjdream 영화촬영하러~~ㅋㅋ상은이영화배우되는겨~그리구나폰고쳤음ㅋ갤S가좋구나라구처음느꼈다ㅋ
@2010-09-28, 4:56 PM
English: @2kjdream For movie shooting~~kk, Seems like Sang-eun had transformed into a movie actor already~ Also I repaired my phone too k, and for the first time I really kinda liked Galaxy S k

61. @zerotic0124 ㅋㅋ콜!!!!!
@2010-09-28, 4:57 PM
English: @zerotic0124 kk Call!!!!!

62. @kkangjii 좋겠다~~그때빨리늘더라~~ㅋ나도일어배워야하는데..ㅠ니가더공부해서오빠좀갈켜주라~~^^
@2010-09-28, 4:58 PM
English: @kkangjii Great~~ Hope that day arrives faster~~k, seems like I've gotta brush up on Japanese, too..ㅠ You study more and shall guide oppa me with a little~~^^

63. @2kjdream 일본이나또갈까?ㅋ
@2010-09-28, 5:16 PM
English: @2kjdream Shall we go again to Japan?k

64. @zerotic0124 ㅡㅡ
@2010-09-28, 5:17 PM
English: @zerotic0124 ㅡㅡ
(@zerotic0124 boos him...why does everyone make fun of him?^^)

65. @woosangil 네~~상은이일본갔어요ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 6:20 PM
English: @woosangil Ne~~Sang-eun went to Japan kk
(who is sang-eun?...did not even know who Sang-eun is)

66. @woosangil 저는고민중이에요ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 11:13 PM
English: @woosangil I'm in much worry kk

67. @woongcha1 안그래도뮤비준비하고있어요ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-28, 11:14 PM
English: @woongcha1 Even if it won't be (shown during festivals) I'm still indeed preparing for a movie kk

68. @Steven_Lee_ 유투브계정은왜요?ㅋ
@2010-09-29, 3:31 AM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Why set up Youtube account?k
(@Steven_Lee_ asks him to set up a YT account)

69. @Steven_Lee_ 아~~ㅋㅋㅋ진짜올려볼까나~~~?? ㅋ캘리포니아45도면...와우!!인디안썸머때미국가보고싶었는데ㅠㅠ한국은이제슬슬추워져요~ㅋ
@2010-09-29, 4:03 AM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Ah~~kkk, should I really upload for all to see~~~?? k, if only it's like the California 45 degree!! During the Indian Summer back then I already wanted to go to US ㅠㅠ Korea's turning colder and colder now~k
(@Steven_Lee_ told him not to bury his talents of shooting a movie - director...?)

70. @Steven_Lee_ ㅋㅋ그러게요~~한동안일찍자구일찍일어나더니..요즘은또잠을못자요ㅠㅠ얼른자려고노력해야죠ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-29, 4:13 AM
English: @Steven_Lee_ kk Yeah that's why~~ I've always been sleeping early and waking up early..And so these days I want to sleep yet I can't anymore ㅠㅠ Have gotta go to sleep quickly and wake up to work ya kk
(@Steven_Lee_ tells him to go to sleep early since US' timezone and KR's timezone is too vastly different. he's so obedient, he goes to sleep after that)

71. @Steven_Lee_ 형~~저는오디오카드가망가졌어요ㅠ컴퓨터포맷했는데~프로그램도다날라갔어요ㅠ
@2010-09-29, 12:26 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Hyung~~ My audio card has spoilt already ㅠ Formatted my computer~ All programmes are gone ㅠ

72. @Steven_Lee_ TCnear이요~~소리가끈켜서..해도해도안되다가결국포맷했는데..똑같아요~드라이버도tcnear홈페이지에서받았는데ㅠ
@2010-09-29, 12:57 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ I think it's TCnear~~ The sound is off thats why.. I tried again and again but it still didn't work so in the end I formatted the computer.. It's like exactly the same~ I got my driver from tcnear's homepage though ㅠ
(@steven_lee_ teaches him how to fix the problem. but mister didn't you know that formatting the computer won't help your sound card problem at all?ㅜㅜㅜ)

73. @Steven_Lee_ ㅠㅠ집에와서확인해보려는데..컴퓨터가맛이갔어요ㅡㅡ;;
@2010-09-29, 8:29 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ ㅠㅠ I returned home and went to check it out straight.. Seems like my computer is now a gone game stateㅡㅡ;; But, I'm actually working on something, so is the audio card still exactly necessary?

(his working on something means composing etc, I guess)

74. @2kjdream 나도델꼬가요~~우쭈쭈~ㅋ
@2010-09-29, 8:29 PM
English: @2kjdream I wanna tag along too~~ wujjoojjoo~k

75. @2kjdream 내것도~~ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-30, 5:22 PM
English: @2kjdream Mine too~~kk
(his computer is not good at all, he mean)

76. @hyeongjin2 @woosangil 나도일본가고싶다~~~~ㅋ
@2010-09-30, 6:59 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 @woosangil I wanna go to Japan too~~~~k
(@hyeongjin2 wants to go Japan again...)

77. @hyeongjin2 여행대신 술한잔도 괜찮은데..ㅋㅋ
@2010-09-30, 7:18 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 Even if we don't go on a holiday, a cup of drink together will also be great..kk

78. @hyeongjin2 저꼬맹이가사춘기라서그래요ㅋ
@2010-09-30, 7:25 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 That dude is still in puberty stage a, thats why k
(he's talking about @Actor_ParkJiBin, he's hinting PJB is rebellious.......)

79. @2kjdream 베벵~배고파ㅠ
@2010-10-03, 3:06 PM
English: @2kjdream Bebeng~ Hungryㅠ

80. @HyungJun87 ㅡㅡ뭐야~~야!!압구정에서옷이쁜거파는데알아?
@2010-10-03, 6:42 PM
English: @HyungJun87 ㅡㅡWhat you want~~ ya!! Do you happen to know if anywhere in Apgujeong sells pretty clothings?
(@HyungJun87 :p him)

81. @HyungJun87 ㅡㅡYS샵이더좋을듯...
@2010-10-03, 7:09 PM
English: @HyungJun87 ㅡㅡYS shop sounds nicer in my opinion...
(@HyungJun87 says there's a HnB shop)

82. 아..비때문에야구시합이취소됐어ㅠ기껏일찍일어났더니..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ그런데 내트위터는왜맛이갔지?ㅡㅡ글은써지려나?
@2010-10-04, 9:20 AM
English: Ah... Because of the rain the baseball match is been cancelled ㅠ I already woke up as early as I could have did..kkkk, but anyway why is my Twitter looking to be gone-game?ㅡㅡ Can it still write entries or not?

83. @woosangil 형은일본에있구~난한국에있는데어떻게같이해요~ ㅋ
@2010-10-04, 11:37 AM
English: @woosangil Hyung is in Japan~ While I'm in Korea, how to play together ah~ k
(@woosangil tells him to play golf together)

84. @limjihye0214 팔로우한사람한테가서글남기면돼~~그리구그냥하다보면알아~ㅡㅡ
@2010-10-04, 11:39 AM
English: @limjihye0213 Go to your following person's page and just leave a message will do~~ And also, just do it as you do it like and you'll know already~ ㅡㅡ

85. @woosangil ㅋㅋㅋㅋ건전하게사는게모에요~나도골프에도전해보고싶지만ㅠ아직제대로하는거하나없는데..골프까지..ㅠ힘들어요~
@2010-10-04, 11:44 AM
English: @woosangil kkkk What's to live with a healthy lifestyle~ Though I also want to challenge golf ㅠ, there's still nothing I can properly do it well yet..and now to try golf..ㅠ It's tough~

86. @hyeongjin2 나두델꾸가~~~~~~아~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~요~~~~~~~~오~~~~~~~~~~~ㅋㅋ
@2010-10-04, 12:13 PM
English: @hyeongjin2 Bring me along~~~~~~Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~yo~~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~~kk

87. @woosangil 아침까진비오다가그쳤어요~날씨좋은듯..^^
@2010-10-04, 12:15 PM
English: @woosangil The rain kinda subsided until morning~ The weather looks good..^^
(@woosangil asks if rain still falls alot)

88. @woosangil 잠깐잤더니~~지금일어나부렀네ㅋ사진~입에물고있는게아니라~마이크입니다..ㅋ내머나노래부르는모습!!
@2010-10-04, 5:36 PM
English: @woosangil I slept for awhile~~ Just woke up k, oh the photograph~ Nah it wasn't something I bit in my mouth~ It was a mike..k, when I was singing Because I'm Stupid!!
(@woosangil asks him what is it in his mouth in his display picture)

89. @2kjdream C-luv yo! 만났어?트위터팔로우좀..해달라구전해주~ㅋ
@2010-10-04, 5:39 PM
English: @2kjdream C-luv yo! Met already? Follow me up on me to ask him to~ k

( you need followers alot^^?????)

90. @kkangjii 넌키가커서뛰어넘기가..어려워..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ미안..
@2010-10-04, 6:12 PM
English: @kkangjii You're too tall, if you want to jump over it..kinda hard..kkkk Sorry..
(@kkangjii says she wants to go beyond further)

91. @HyungJun87 난싫은데.?
@2010-10-04, 6:12 PM
English: @HyungJun87 I don't (love you).?
(with reply to @hyungjun87's ILU)

92. @kkangjii 하하하하~~ㅋㅋ다행이네..쬐금민망했는데~~ㅋㅋㅋ
@2010-10-04, 6:26 PM
English: @kkangjii Hahahaha~~kk Luckily..I was kinda embarrassed though~~kkk
(@kkangjii says she bursted into laughter after @mystyle1103 at No.90)

93. 아~오늘은야구시합나가서다아웃됐네ㅡㅡ데드볼로한번나가고~ㅠ그래도우리팀이이겼으니깐~ㅋㅋ
@2010-10-06, 5:39 PM
English: Ah~ Went to the baseball match today but got ousted in allㅡㅡ Got ousted once with the pitched ball hit~ㅠ But because our team won so~ kk

94. @woosangil 완전어려울듯~근데원래야구랑골프는같이하면안된데요ㅠㅜ
@2010-10-06, 6:50 PM
English: @woosangil It was totally difficult~ But if I were to challenge both baseball and golf together it would have been impossible ㅠㅜ

95. @2kjdream 등으로맞아서안아팠어ㅋ맞을만해~너오면내가맞춰줄게~^^
@2010-10-06, 7:53 PM
English: @2kjdream It hit my back so it wasn't really painful k, gotta aim at where it's supposed to be~ If you come to play I'll be sure to hit (ball) where it should be at~^^
(kkkkkkkkkk super low laughing point)

96. @woongcha1 베벵~?ㅋ
@2010-10-06, 11:58 PM
English: @woongcha1 Bebeng~?k

97. @2kjdream 안다쳐~ㅋㅋ같이하자~^^
@2010-10-06, 11:59 PM
English: @2kjdream Won't get hurt (by baseball)~kk, let's play it together~^^

98. @Steven_Lee_ 나도바베큐party하고싶다~ㅋ
@2010-10-07, 4:42 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ I wanna hold a barbecue party too~k
(@Steven_Lee_ says he'll be holding a BBQ party this weekend)

99. @_911007 니콜이가드디어성인이됐네?ㅋ어이쿠~다컸네~어제문자보냈지만~또생일축하해!!^^
@2010-10-07, 4:44 PM
English: @_911007 Nicole's finally an adult already ne? k, aigooo~ All grown up already ne~ Though I already wished you in SMS yesterday~ Happy Birthday again!!^^

100. @2kjdream 너뭐하냐
@2010-10-07, 5:13 PM
English: @2kjdream What ya doing

101. @2kjdream 나도밥먹으러간다아~~일어나서지금까지암것도못먹었어ㅜㅜ
@2010-10-07, 6:51 PM
English: @2kjdream Me too, I'll be going to eat my dinner now~~ I just woke up and so have not eaten anything yet until now at all ㅜㅜ

102. @HyungJun87 우와~우리형준이뮤지컬해요?ㅋ안가도되지?
@2010-10-07, 6:52 PM
English: @HyungJun87 Woah~ Our Hyung-Jun will be doing a musical? k, will it do if I don't go anyway?
(he means if his musical can be shown on tv even if he don't need to buy ticket to enter)

103. @woosangil 우짱와 니혼고데트위타야루까라 이미오와카라나이욘!!ㅋㅋ내폰은일본어가안되서ㅠㅠ나영어공부하니까~난나중에영어로써야쥐~~~ㅋ
@2010-10-07, 6:55 PM
English: @woosangil Wujjangwa nihongode twitter yaru kara, imi owakara naiyo n!! kk, my phone cannot type Japanese ah ㅠㅠ, since I'm studying English now~ I'll write in English soon after wards~~~ k
(first sentence I don't understand Japanese but I think he meant because @woosangil wrote in Japanese in Twitter it doesn't appear on his Handphone.. ???)

104. @woongcha1 그저먹을거면....흠..
@2010-10-07, 6:57 PM
English: @woongcha1 If it's just to eat only.... hmm..

105. @HyungJun87 뮤지컬언제시작해?
@2010-10-07, 8:04 PM
English: @HyungJun87 When does your musical start?

106. @2kjdream 강민이옷스타일이너랑같아진다ㅡㅡ
@2010-10-08, 12:10 AM
English: @2kjdream Kangmin's sense of fashion is like the same as yoursㅡㅡ

107. @Soie2e 넌가지마
@2010-10-08, 12:14 AM
English: @Soie2e Don't go

108. @jjjjjin2yo 너한테머라하는데?
@2010-10-08, 12:15 AM
English: @jjjjjin2yo What's what to you?

109. @Sj861117sj 와우~~드디어빨로우가됐어~
@2010-10-08, 12:35 AM
English: @Sj861117 Wow~~ Finally you followed me~
(-.-;; you don't need so many followers.......)

110. @Sj861117sj ㅋㅋ난집이지~나도일본가고싶었는데ㅠ이제는시간이안될듯~~ㅋㅋ
@2010-10-08, 12:47 AM
English: @Sj861117sj kk I'm at home~ Though I wanna go to Japan tooㅠ But time won't permit already~~ kk
(your're so busy already, right??)

111. @pdjaeho 자전거콜~~~~~~~~~ㅋ더추워지기전에ㅠ
@2010-10-08, 5:58 PM
English: @pdjaeho Ok, we'll go bicycling~~~~~~~~~~~k before it gets colder ㅠ

112. @Steven_Lee_ LA영상유투브에올리고싶어요~다시봐도명작이에요ㅋㅋ
@2010-10-08, 8:26 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ I wanna upload LA video in Youtube~ Even if I watch it again it's still such a famous piece of work kk

113. @pdjaeho ㅋㅋ알겠어요~전화하고갈게요~
2010-10-08, 11:08 PM
English: @pdjaeho kk got it~ Will call you before I go~

114. @Soie2e @sek0505 니네둘이맨날도배하냐!!ㅡㅡ
@2010-10-08, 10:06 PM
English: @Soie2e @sek0505 You two just keep spamming each other only that I see there!!
(the two of them only mostly tweets each other)

115. @sek0505 야~니네둘이가특히나말이많아~거기다진선이까지떠들면최고다ㅋ
@2010-10-10, 2:41 AM
English: @sek0505 Ya~ There are so many convos between both of you two~ If you two had managed to flood it all in there, you guys would have been power k

116. @sek0505 나~~
@2010-10-10, 5:02 AM
English: @sek0505 Me~~
(he replies to @sek0505 that he can't sleep, too)

117. @sek0505 잠이안와ㅠㅠ
@2010-10-10, 5:06 AM
English: @sek0505 Can't sleep ㅠㅠ

118. @kkangjii @_sweethara 내것두~~ㅋ
@2010-10-10, 2:14 PM
English: @kkangjii @_sweethara Mine too~~k
(his ice-cream, he meant)

119. @_sweethara 완전잘지내지~지금은한국인가?ㅋ
@2010-10-10, 2:17 PM
English: @_sweethara You've been doing really well ain't you~ Are you in Korea now? k

120. @zerotic0124 형~지금해외나갔어요?
@2010-10-10, 2:19 PM
English: @zerotic0124 Hyung~ Are you leaving the country now?

121. @_sweethara 와우~~일본가랴~한국에있으랴~아주그냥힘들겠네~ㅋ화이팅!!!!!!아스크림많이묵고~으쌰으쌰~
@2010-10-10, 2:37 PM
English: @_sweethara Wow~~ I thought you went to Japan~ So you're in Korea~ It's just that tough~k, hwaiting!!!!!! Eat alot of icecream~ Ussha assha
(ussha = sound expression = aja) (tough to make decisions)

122. @kkangjii 까먹지마ㅠㅠ울동생들앨범나오기전에밥사조야하는데~~ㅋ
@2010-10-10, 4:56 PM
English: @kkangjii Don't forgetㅠㅠ Before our dongsaengs release their new album I've gotta treat them to a meal~~k
(he meant dongsaengs = KARA; Don't forget = @kkangjii says she forgot his face)

123. @woosangil 네~~안가요ㅋ형진이형갈때따라가려했는데~시간이안맞더라구요ㅠ
@2010-10-10, 4:58 PM
English: @woosangil Ne~~ not going k, already went there when I tagged along with Hyungjin hyung that time~ Because cannot make out time for it now ㅠ
(why ne???^^;;;)

124. RT @zerotic0124: @jjjjjin2yo 넌대박이다~~
@2010-10-11, 2:58 AM
English: RT @zerotic0124: @
jjjjjin2yo You're daebak~~
(big hit)

125. @zerotic0124 형도대박!!
@2010-10-11, 2:58 AM
English: @zerotic0124 Hyung you're daebak too!!

126. @Steven_Lee_ 아이폰은안써봐서모르겠는데~~디자인에서는아이폰이나을듯해요~근데둘다수신불량이있다는데..갤럭시는자꾸끈키는현상이있어요ㅠ
@2010-10-13, 9:18 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ I don't use iPhone so I don't know~~ But design-wise iPhone indeed looks nicer~ But both of them seem to have poor reception ne.. Galaxy (S) seems to keep facing poor broken reception halfway ㅠ
(hahahaha you can't choose phone.....~~~)

127. @zerotic0124 푸하하하하하하하
@2010-10-14, 5:20 AM
English: @zerotic0124 Puhahahahahaha

128. @Soie2e ㅡㅡ왜?
@2010-10-14, 5:32 AM
English: @Soie2e ㅡㅡ Why?

129. @zerotic0124 풉..
@2010-10-14, 5:39 AM
English: @zerotic0124 Poop..
(@zerotic0124 asks him if he looks handsome or not with his new picture)
(disgusted type of joke)

130. @Soie2e 안녕하시지~ㅋㅋ넌또술먹었어?
@2010-10-14, 5:52 AM
English: @Soie2e Your saying of hello right~ kk, did you drink (alcohol) again?

131. @Soie2e 그렇구나~난그냥집에서뒹굴뒹굴~배고파ㅠ
@2010-10-14, 6:02 AM
English: @Soie2e I see~ For me I'm just lying at home rolling & scrapping here and there~ Hungry ㅠ
( can you roll like a sushi? You need to work!!!!!)

132. @Soie2e 살쪄~~안돼ㅠ언능자야지ㅋ
@2010-10-14, 6:10 AM
English: @Soie2e On diet~~ Cannot ㅠ Gotta go to sleep soon k
(you're on diet, too comforrtable, is it not??)
(@soie2e tells him to eat something then since he doesn't sleep)

133. @woosangil @2kjdream 화이팅~~모두부~자되셔용~~^^
@2010-10-14, 3:06 PM
English: @woosangil @2kjdream Hwaiting~~ Since all of us will turn into milli~onaires very soon~~^^

134. @woosangil 여긴어디에요?ㅋ
@2010-10-21, 4:31 PM
English: @woosangil Where's this place?k
(cant read much hanja?)

135. @Steven_Lee_ 와우~~ㅋ티비꼭봐야겠네~
@2010-10-30, 8:03 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Woow~~k gotta tune in to the TV for sure then~

136. @2kjdream 넌어디간거냐?
@2010-10-30, 8:04 PM
English: @2kjdream Where ya' went?
(I wonder the same question too...where did @2kjdream go????? aquarium/underwater world?? anyway, the SUDAL wind blew @mystyle1103 from his planet onto Earth, once more)

137. @woosangil ㅋㅋ오랜만이죠~~요즘트위터를자주안해서ㅠㅠ사업하는거대박나야죠!!ㅋ그리고얻어먹어야쥐~
@2010-10-30, 9:19 PM
English: @woosangil kk it's been some time right~~ These days I don't really use Twitter often
ㅠㅠ Gotta manage my business well to flourish with daebak don't you think!! k, and it's supposed to feed me back off~

138. @zakkykim 너무잘지내서문제죠ㅋ언제쯤에나볼수있을까요~~
@2010-10-30, 9:20 PM
English: @zakkykim Been very well these days, kinda a problem right k, so when will we be able to meet some time mm~~
(everybody's telling him it's been a long time on twitter!!!)

139. @2kjdream 내맘속?ㅋㅋ수달귀엽지~천연기념물이자너~ㅋ
@2010-10-30, 9:21 PM
English: @2kjdream In my heart? kk, yeah the sudal's cute~ It's like a memorial statue of nature don't you think~ k
(hahahaha that's what I thought)

140. @Sj861117sj 고맙구려~~ㅋ오늘아직뭐할지모르겠어ㅠ넌일본인가?
@2010-11-03, 6:38 PM
English: @Sj861117sj Thank you yo~~ k, still don't know what to do for today though
ㅠ, are you in Japan?
(eyeeee why do you only reply to him out of a billion million wishes kk)

141. @zerotic0124 하지만언제나나한테깨지는실력!!ㅋ
@2010-11-03, 9:30 PM
English: @zerotic0124 However those are skills whose record will be broken by me whenever wherever!! k
(@zerotic0124 twitted about his winning in football phone games, and so the birthday boy talks the above)

142. @Steven_Lee_ Wow ~~우리가수영했던곳이다!!!
@2010-11-04, 6:36 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Wow ~~ The place where we swam at!!!
(really??? it's Steven Lee's backyard!!! wOw!)

143. @Actor_ParkJiBin 니가쳤다고?ㅡㅡ

@2010-11-04, 6:38 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin You striked it perfect?ㅡㅡ
(@Actor_ParkJiBin went bowling and striked 174 perfect)

144. @Actor_ParkJiBin 형은선수지~~ㅋ

@2010-11-04, 6:54 PM
English: @Actor_ParkJiBin Your hyung here is the bowling player, no~~ k

145. @Steven_Lee_ 죽다가살아났어요ㅠㅠ
@2010-11-05, 4:31 PM
English: @Steven_Lee_ Almost going to die away but survived still ㅠㅠ
(@Steven_Lee_ asked him how his bday weekend was, kkkkk noone asked him out?)