Thursday, September 23, 2010

[article] BSJ hairstyle - the big hit in this Fall

MBC drama Playful Kiss that stars Kim HyunJoong as Baek Seungjo is attracting attention from the female audiences for his hairstyle.

In the drama, Kim Hyunjoong displays the 'lovely perm' hairstyle as he transforms from a high-school student to an undergraduate.

With his lovely perm style on that natural haircolour along with some small curls, he portrudes a warmthly image.

A related personnel has mentioned, "We have made quite some inquiries with regards to his hairstyle to the hairstylists taking in reference from fashion related programmes and media", "With Baek Seungjo transforming into an undergraduate in the 2nd latter half of the drama, changes was made to his hairstyle because of the change in status, that is why, and so we are receiving much attention from netizens for that".

-last paragraph omit, talks about ratings and Boys over Flowers-