Monday, September 27, 2010

[article] HyungJun in OBama


SS501 Kim HyungJun is challenging as an MC of variety programmes.

On the 27th, according to Kim Hyung Jun's agency, he will be undertaking the role of an MC for cable channel MBC Every1's new variety programme "Oh bam ah" (Kids in the middle of night).

"Oh Bam ah" is the newly revamped programme after MBC's hit variety 'Dong Geo Dong Rak' and will now be the new idol version of 'Dong Geo Dong Rak'. The senior idols along with junior idols who appear as guests of that day will be carrying out talks, quizzes, games etc together. This senior-junior programme will aim to bring out and train the entertainment sense in the junior idols.

Kim Hyung Jun will be pairing up MC chemistry along with senior idols Kim Chang Ryul, Eun Ji Won, Kim Sung Soo, Hwang Bo etc.

On a recent episode with guest Infinite going on the show, Kim Hyung Jun who had already displayed his charismatic side in SS501 once again flaunted his entertainment sense during game moments with Infinite, and with that he's had turned the shooting location into a sea of laughter.

Kim Hyung Jun expressed through his agency, "In the past where I was in Pro-gamer and/or environmental variety programmes, I already gained interesting and happy experiences", "And now whereby I could greet everyone through an official variety programme like this every week, I feel great and excited".

He also added on, "Since this is my first time as an MC in an official variety, I feel kinda stressed but because I'm doing it with the seniors, I feel practical as the Maknae. Through variety programmes I'll be able to show everyone another new side of Kim Hyung Jun".

"Oh Bam Ah" will begin its first airing on September 30.