Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[영상] Jkpop craze 09.21

1st posted: 23 Sep
last edited: 28 Sep

+ Eng for those who might need a bit of understanding

Jkpop craze

introduces the persona Photobook that goes on sale


this particular episode is GOODY!

In addition, we've recently contacted that Park CEO, Mr Park Horse

besides sending his greetings to JK-craze's friends, he also revealed some you know, some information because he's happy, (notice his tone here, abit pausing, seemingly careful not to divulge further)

*points to people outside of screen*
good news, that is

everybody's previous worries was really in vain..... sigh *hits palm*

I can only say until here

I believe by saying until here you guys will already know, ne?
Worry no more! Because there will be good news *struts finger*
but...everyone needs to wait a lil' longer
Because everyone has each's individual plans for now...Right?
but now, Park Jungmin has told us "dont worry yo~"
so, everybody just listen to the Mr.Goody~~~
And just await for that beautiful day to arrive~~~~

-behind omits, introduces Persona Concert photobook-