Thursday, September 23, 2010

[article] Jangki vs GMH vs KTG

'Kim Tak Goo Special' will win too? vs 2 continuous episodes of Gumiho who might rise as king? vs Playful Kiss' daebak?

KBS2 Wed-Thurs drama 'Baker King Kim Tak Goo' that ended last 16th with its 30 episodes will be coming forth to meet audiences again on the night of 23rd September with its special programme.

On this day's Kim Tak Goo special, main casts Yoon Siyun, Juwon, Eugene, Lee Young Ah etc will be releasing the BTS stories and each's special talents like singing that were never before revealed.

Yoon Siyun who sung for Kim Tak Goo's OST 'Only You' will be disclosing the footage of this for the first time. Also, Juwon who was borne a musical actress will be flaunting her sweet vocals as well.

Child actor Oh Jaemu who portrayed perfectly as the young Kim Tak Goo with his amazing acting skills will also be revealing his dance moves.

In addition, the casts will be talking about famous scenes and the kissing king as well, which attracts about attention. Apart from kissing, other famous scenes from romancing, aggrevation, grief etc will also be disclosed.

Kim Tak Goo who recorded ratings as high as 50% and who's collated much topic of discussions will be airing its special edition on this day, and with that, dramas vying for the same timeslot like SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho' and MBC 'Playful Kiss' are worrying alot on that. After Kim Tak Goo ended its telecast last week, both the dramas have to continue battling for a war of the nerves with this day's special edition of Kim Tak Goo.

SBS 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' will still have their vying worth. Possessing a story element that could attract about a large group of audiences along with its story development, 'My girlfriend is a Gumiho' who hasn't been able to shine because of Kim Tak Goo will be showing its 13th, 14th episode on this day continuously. This drama that will end on 30th that portrays the positive development between Daewoong (Lee Seung-gi) and Miho (Shin Min-ah) is inducing much curiosity from many audiences, and now with their continuous airing of two episodes, audiences will pay very high attention to them.

As for Playful Kiss, it is not facing a good situation. Having started out later than My Girlfriend is Gumiho and Kim Tak Goo, it's been recording about 3% plus of low ratings with each of its episode. Despite Kim Tak Goo ending its final run on 16th September, this drama recorded lowest ratings of itself at 2.8%.

With its strong rival 'Kim Tak Goo' gone, it managed to have a 2 times increase in its drama ratings at 6.3% according to AGB Nilson Center where it records its highest ratings of all time and sheds some light of hope. As KBS' big follow-up work 'Fugitive' awaits its telecast on upcoming 29th September, whether or not the ratings for Playful Kiss will be maintained at where it is now or not, it certainly needs to be encouraged further in such a situation.

On 23rd September, it is expected that Playful Kiss will be facing a real huge challenge coming from KBS 'Kim Tak Goo Special' and 2 continuous episodes of SBS 'My girlfriend is Gumiho'.

So how will this Wed-Thurs battle with Kim Tak Goo making its comeback end up like? Everyone is highly curious.