Sunday, September 19, 2010

[article] Jangki Rerun Conflict (?)

maybe some are very interested in this

Last 11th (Sat), many feverish comments were left on drama Playful Kiss' comment board to reconsider the rerun schedule arrangement for Playful Kiss. And with that, there is now a change.

Last 11th, as through the TV programme schedule left on MBC's homepage, drama Playful Kiss was written to be replaced with Gloria at 1.55pm on 18th Sep (Sat), and with that being written, many protests had been made by fans. Originally, during the 1.55pm timing slots on Saturdays are supposed to be for drama Playful Kiss. However soon in a week, MBC aired Playful Kiss on Saturday, again.

To this, a Group Eight personnel made a remark, "It was just a pure mistake made that caused misunderstanding". Following which he also said, "We were going to air Playful Kiss' rerun as it naturally was, we didn't have any rediscussions or anything like that, it wasn't like that".

The fact that MBC had made some programme errors and/or typo errors where they wrongly typed 'Gloria' is said to be already known by fans, despite them knowing, fans still continued to give such reactions. And so because of that, there actually wasn't any serious discussions held again with MBC with regards to such a decision of replacement of Playful Kiss.

Group Eight personnel also claimed that "they did not have any particular conflict nor problem with MBC", as he also showed the burden backed with such a conflict talk floating around.

However during the discussion conference held last 15th for the Youtube Partnership to produce the Special Edition of Playful Kiss, producer Bae Jong Byung of Group Eight made a statement in an interview with Union Press with regards to the rerun schedule arrangement for Playful Kiss, "We're still in discussion on that". With that known, whether or not the arrangement for rerun on 18th was a simple mistake or if it actually came to a decision through re-discussions held -- we are unable to know in detail.

MBC drama Playful Kiss that is involved in the rerun conflict will continue as per normal to broadcast its rerun on every Saturday at 1.55 pm with 2 continuous episodes. Its actual telecast will be on every Wednesday and Thursday night, 9.55 pm.