Monday, September 20, 2010

[article] JM greets you

SS501 member Park Jungmin makes a wish under the full moon. After leaving SS501's former agency DSP entertainment, Park Jungmin has newly joined in to CNR Media. It is for his solo start-out after debuting as SS501 in 2005 for 5 years.

Despite saddening, Park Jungmin who has started out his individual activities will be spending some of his Chuseok holidays in another country. Due to his Japan promotional activities, he had previously left for Japan on 16th Sep and will return on 22nd Sep. Park Jungmin underwent a busy schedule such as attending to meetings with related personnels as well as pictorial shoots and press conference after signing on his Japan contract with Yamaha Group's Yamaha Music Entertainment.

He expresses "up until now, most of our Chuseoks had been spent overseas because of SS501 promotional activities, even this year too. I want to spend it with my parents though, kinda sad...".

On a festival like Chuseok where a family congregate to spend time together, there isn't any interesting festival episode that has been spent overseas for Park Jungmin, yet. However, Park Jungmin says that he's had already felt the warmth of this year's Chuseok. The personnel members in his new agency have specially prepared in advance the traditional Chuseok tiny rice cakes (Song-pyeon) to celebrate, so he has had felt a little of the mood already.

He adds on, "Thank you for always guarding by me and loving me. I've now stepped forth with my first footstep already, so I hope you could continue to give me more strength and encouragement", "I will pray hard on the fifteenth full-moon day and I hope that all that everyone wishes for will come true too", as he sends his Chuseok greetings to SPN e daily readers.

After Chuseok, if he is quick enough, Park Jungmin will go into promotions in the greater china area at the end of this month, and will meet China and Taiwan fans. After which he will release his solo discography in November in Korea and starts his official aggressive singer activities. At the same time while he releases his discography he will also hold a fanmeeting to meet up with fans in a long while.

Lastly he ends, "It isn't just in Korea but also overseas, I want to work even harder than any time it was after my first debut. To show a more developed Park Jungmin to my fans is my aim".