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[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong MVIO 2010 Spring/Summer Photoshoot - short interview

Kim Hyun Joong MVIO Spring/Summer Photoshoot - short interview

credit: 3kimheoparkss501 @ YT

This was shot on January 5, during the heaviest snowfall in South Korea for 70 years.
That one where Hyun Joong had to take the subway to get to his CF shooting location!
He is forever looking great and dazzling. It seems like nothing ever daunts him, seriously.

P/S.; *may be a little slower in updating this blog because I don't have all the privileges to perform so! Feel a little sorry for not maintaining this diligently as well~~*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

U-Kiss is back

Has everybody seen / heard about U-kiss' newest comeback in february soon?

They've just released their album cover and tracklist not long ago, since it's related to Kibum who is Hyung Jun's cute dongsaeng, let's take a look at it.

How, did the picture 'surprise' or 'scare' you? ^^
Can you recognise who is Kim Kibum? Pretty obvious ain't it?
That one at bottom left hand corner. You can almost imagine it to be Kim Hyung Jun standing there kkk.
Why surprised? I'm really surprised at Kibum's good body!!
Hyungjun, you should learn from your dongsaeng already....... :lol:

This is one of their recommended songs from the album - Without You

credit: URNOBODY @ YT

Sorry Unable to embed videos for now, sorry for inconvenience~

[Vid] Official promo clip for Encore Seoul

Persona Encore in Seoul Official promo Clip

Date: February 27,28 2010 @ Seoul Olympic Park 1st Gymnasium Stadium

credit: 3kimheoparkss501 @ YT + as tagged

Unable to embed videos for now, sorry for the inconvenience~

If you're able to attend the concert, please do and show many many support for the 5 Lovely Men!
Thank you!!!
Don't forget your promise~~

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[Vote] Kim Hyun Joong is the most popular K-star of 2009

Kim Hyun Joong, Han Kyung, Kim Hee Chul are the most popular K-stars of 2009

source: CRI Online
translations: (chinese) TripleS TW + (english) OdeDS@BS
repost with full credit, thank you~


2009 entertainment circle has been filled with shining stars, the big stars are shining brighter, and the new stars much more shining. It looks so dazzling to the eye, just whose fame has been cooked up and blown out of proportion, just whose fame is anticipated by most? Who's the most famous and popular star of 2009?

Through CRI Online entertainment portal "International Entertainment Power 2009 Most Famous Internet Polling" activity that netizens participated in for 2 weeks of hot PK, the most popular people of 2009 J-K (Japan-Korea) region has been revealed. None of the Japanese stars entered the final round, and the Top ten has also turned into the ruling area of Korean stars. Korean version Hanazawa Rui, Kim Hyun Joong has won the champion with 72million votes, and Han Kyung who's a chinese but debuted in Korea won the second place with 41million votes, Number 3 is another SJ's (Super Junior) member Kim Hee Chul with 33million votes. The remaining position of the Top 10 are as follow: Park Hae Jin, Song Hye Gyo, Rain, Lee Jun Ki, Super Junior M, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho.

No.1 Kim Hyun Joong 723293 votes
Popular group SS501's leader, the flower boy who looks perfect in any angle at all, Kim Hyun Joong plays an indispensable role in the group. His unique line of thoughts and frank way of speaking often gives rise to laughter. Kim Hyun Joong in 2009 Korean version of "Boys over Flowers" played the character of Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui) and had successfully achieved the turn into an actor, and had since become both a singer and an actor, holding the double identity as an elite idol star. Perfect looks plus increasingly sophisticated acting, Hyun Joong's popularity in Asia has increased tremendously. Thus, Hyun Joong has been called the "Nation Sunbae" in Korea.

Kim Hyun Joong's fan evaluate him like this, "...Hyun Joong is no longer just an idol in not just my heart but also in the hearts of most green peas, he's just like a friend in my surrounding area. Seeing how he paid so much efforts to reach his dreams, after achieving the fame, he actually said the illusionary fame is all fake. He just hopes that TS (Triple S) won't regret ever liking him, and hopes Triple S will still bring their kids after marriage to see SS501's concerts (and that it would be free). He is so sincere and truthful, thinking of TS at any one time, thinking of members at any one time (he wasn't willing to take up Boys over Flowers initially, but because of Sajangnim who specially wrote a manual letter of his own, for the sake of SS501, he took up the role), thinking of family at any one time~~~ whatever it is, he placed himself at last place..."

No.2 Han Kyung 415591 votes

No.3 Kim Hee Chul 336887 votes

No.4 Park Hae Jin 247913 votes

No.5 Song Hye Gyo 201602 votes

No.6 Rain 145911 votes

No.7 Lee Jun Ki 138927 votes

No.8 Super Junior M 42181 votes

No.9 Hyun Bin 9700 votes

No.10 Lee Min Ho 8875 votes

[News] DSP notice about Hyun Joong attending birthday party on 180110

I'm still very puzzled about the entire thing. Although I don't wanna bring it up anymore, I still have to clear this doubt.
I'm gonna post the translations done by Mini UFO on her blog as well as my personal footnotes from the various reports that I've read and came up with. It's soooo frustrating how these reports can kill my brain cells that I feel like I have zapped out all my energy in a day and needs to go to sleep straight away. It got me confused for a long while.

In pink and in italic font are my footnotes.

Conclusion: Hyun Joong was there, without prior plans but by chance and didn't have any choice, to congratulate Jeon Doo Hwan on his 80th birthday together with current CEO Lee Ho Yeon.

This is a fact : Lee Ho Yeon shares the same birth day as Jeon Doo Hwan.

Or else it won't make sense that Lee Ho Yeon is outside with HJ going for schedules when he (Lee Ho Yeon) should be celebrating his (Lee Ho Yeon's) birthday.
So I think -- it should be going to Jeon Doo Hwan's birthday together (for a short while because they have Lee Ho Yeon's birthday party after that) instead, after receiving the call.


Credit: (pic) + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit.

Hi everybody, this is DSP media
Since yesterday, a lot of people after reading Hyun Joong's report, tried via many methods to enquire about this matter.
We think we should at least let TS know the entire process of Hyun Joong went to the location in the news report.

The detail is as the followings:

18 January, yesterday is CEO, Lee Ho Yeon's (I’d think it’s Jeon Doo Hwan, the ex-president’s instead)(*reEDIT* Indeed, it is error in news.) birthday.
That night other than Jung Min who was filming 'Human Theatre', we have scheduled appointment together with Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun to have dinner together.

Before going to the appointment place (at night),
Hyun Joong who originally had other schedule in the day, went to the discussion (of birthday party) location together with the CEO (Lee Ho Yeon),
On the way, the CEO received a call
On the way they (HJ + CEO Lee Ho Yeon) went in (to the Jeon Doo Hwan's birthday party. Because Lee Ho Yeon is good friend of Jeon Doo Hwan’s, so they were there to just send short greetings) for a while then left and proceed to the appointment (of birthday party) location as scheduled.

Without any intention or planning, this incident just happened coincidently
There's no room for choice
Hyun Joong was not used to receiving bad comments and seems to receive quite hurt by it.

Whether stay for 1 minute or 10 minute, no matter what is the situation at the moment.
Just making an issue by going or not going, although we don't expect everybody will understand.
But we hope you should write the article after understanding the truth.


One & Only post regarding this issue.


As according to this link, yes indeed.

Controversies are but dead and should-be-dead murderers.

Please leave your message for Hyun Joong!!!!

I'm sure most of you know about the issue regarding Hyun Joong by now.

Please help to render your support for him because you know he NEEDS it. He needs support and understanding. Right at this moment.

Please go to Liezle's Blog to leave your encouragement message.

I thank you with all my heart!!!

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[Poll] Hyun Joong and his beauty

Saw this on Liezle hun's sidebar on her blog.
Thanks to newyorkcitygirl for informing on Liezle's sidebar!

I'd like to do some two-timer promotion here. ^^
me and my weird lang...

Yule Sohu - Who's the best dressed / most handsome male in 45th Baeksang Awards 2009 Red Carpet?

You see Hyun Joong's name right? There's this checkbox underneath his picture, just beside his chinese name, check the box, then look for the word 投票 and click!


*EDIT on January 18*
Hyun Joong's already in Number 2 spot! He catched up really fast.
Very happy everybody is treating this poll seriously and
we happily put all our heads together to vote, very good! ^o^

Keep voting!!

[fanvid] Kim Hyun Joong - One Love

Fanmade video of Kim Hyun Joong - One Love

Yet another fanvideo. This time of Hyun Joong ^^

credit: raine0017@YT

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong -- most potential and elite star No.18

2010.01.15 tvN ENews - Most potential and elite star No.18 - Kim Hyun Joong

credit: Bianca28house

[Vote] Flower boys of showbiz

There is another poll on Korea! Yule Sohu on S.Korea's beautiful men / flower boys. (I like the latter saying^^)

Click here to see

It's an old poll though, I've seen it before, but that was way before I opened this fanblog. I think you could still vote, but in any case if you wish to kill your curiosity, you can take a look at it:

No.6 Kim Hyun Joong
No.58 Kim Hyung Jun

Just in case you still wish To vote, click on this word, "
投票" beside their chinese name will do!~

[Video] No.7 celebrity whom I want to raise

2006.12.05 Celebrity whom I want to raise (as a child) most - No.7 Kim Hyun Joong

credit: JustPurity (Kim Hyun Joong fansite)

This is an old video. Again you should know how I got hold of this vid. ^^
forgot to add, it's chinese subbed.
I'll try to post up the translations!

[fanvid] Young Saeng fan video

Again, I found another fanvideo of Young Saeng's.
The BGM is so heartbreaking, it's a sad video. mm.........

credit: kucouncil@YT

[Vid] Random videos of Young Saeng

Found some old videos of Young Saeng while hunting for pigs!! ^^
yeah yeah it's my hobby kkk

Heo Young Saeng & Lee Hyori @ Step Up Concert 2006 in Osaka - That Man That Woman

credit: 005irenelin

Turning Young Saeng into a pretty girl
from: M!Pick E.45
credit: reena29lim

Kyujong helps to put on 'nail polish' almost died laughing~
be careful of your noses, they will fly out ^^

[Vid] Kim Hyung Jun at U-KISS fanmeeting 170110 - fancams + tv report

Fancam + TV reports of Hyung Jun from 170110's U-KISS fanmeeting session

credit: Pretty Boy+3kimheoparkss501@YT

[사진] Kim Hyung Jun at U-KISS fanmeeting session 170110 - Pretty Boy

Hyung Jun @ U-KISS fanmeeting session 170110

credit: PrettyBoy

what an aegyo Kim Hyung Jun!

[사진] Kim Hyung Jun at U-KISS fanmeeting session 170110

Hyung Jun at U-KISS fanmeeting session on 17th January.

credit: KYU's

Did you see a picture of a guy who's topless? That's Kibum! His body is not perfect, but I think I do see some 5/6 pecs? ^^

[News] Does Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki Bum look like brothers?

Does SS501 Kim Hyung Jun look like his brother?

From: SS601+as tagged
translations: (chinese) vivid@HJC + (english) OdeDS@BS
please repost with full credit, thank you~

Idol group U-Kiss has finally carried out their first official fanclub 1st generation "KISS ME" commemoration ceremony on January 17 at 3.30PM at S-hall of Su-myeong Girls' University in Seoul's Yongsan-gu. U-KISS held a press conference at 1PM on that day, and had expressed their thoughts about this fanclub commemoration ceremony. This event's MC was KBS2TV's "Invincible Saturday"'s "Invincible Baseball Team"'s guest Heo Joon. Member Kim Ki Bum's elder brother -- SS501's Kim Hyung Joon and family members were there at the event to give support.

SS501 Kim Hyung Joon "Kibum is more like the brother at home"

7-member idol group U-Kiss carried out their first fanclub "KISS ME"'s commemoration event on the 17th afternoon at Seoul's Chinpo-dong, Su-myeong Arts Center and a fanmeeting session. SS501 Kim Hyung Jun was there at the fanmeeting session to give his younger brother support. U-KISS and 500 over fans sang together at the event, with songs included in the album like "Good to Bully" (transliteration) and "I like You" etc, displaying an exciting stage.

[News] Ranking of idols with outstanding artistic sense (Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Kyu Jong)

Ranking of idols with outstanding artistic sense (Kim Hyun Joong number7, Kim Kyu Jong number 12)

From: SS601
translations: (chinese) vivid@HJC + (eng) OdeDS@BS
please repost with full credits, thank you~

2AM's Jo Kwon who has showed his glamorious personal attributes and charms in 2009 has been chosen as the number 1 idol with the most outstanding artistic sense.

On the 15th's MBC "Section TV Entertainment Relay" section of "Diverse Ranking", it has revealed the ranking of idols with outstanding artistic senses.

Suju member Lee Teuk, Suju member Shin Dong and 2AM's Jo Kwon have been chosen as nominees for the Number 1 spot, but eventually Jo Kwon who has "possessed" expressions and cheap dances won the champion.

Right next, number 4 is Big Bang's vocal and gagman Dae Sung, Number 5 is the one and only "Idol who's completed military service" 2AM member Lee Chang Min. Coming in number 6 is Brown Eyed Girls "adult" member Narsha who's had recently revealed her actual age and her makeup-less face.

Number 7 is the very 4-dimensional celebrity SS501 Kim Hyun Joong.

Number 8 is U-KISS member Dong Ho who appeared in KBS2TV "Invincible Baseball Team". Number 9 is KARA's Goo Hara who possesses both the beauty and the ability to sacrifice her self image. 2PM's Nikhun, T-ARA's Hyo Min and SS501's Kyu Jong, After School's Ga Hee are right behind.

(omit unrelated)

Olympic Park homepage

Olympic Park homepage address:

Olympic Park
Olympic Hall Gymnasium Stadium is in Olympic Park where SS501 Encore in Seoul would be held at.

Was searching for the advance ticket sales on Interpark so I ended up at the homepage.
If you need more details on the venue, you can go its homepage and slowly navigate. If anybody really wants to surf the page, I'll do the navigation guide soon. ^^

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[fanvid] Young Saeng cute and lovely cut collection

these days where news of the five men are so sparse, Hyun Joong exclusive, although the remaining 3 were just mentioned today, I'm not surprised at all that so many fanvids of them all are floating out... Amongst which, Young Saeng's the most missed...
I miss them equally titanic, but so long as I see their faces on photographs, on prints, on internet, on dvd, on video wherever, I feel as though they've never disappeared. I guess that's what you call 'living in your heart'. Not staying, but living in there. Which is why fans are beginning to dig up / make all these fanvids already.
Here's one of Young Saeng's cute and lovely cut collection made by...Young Saeng's website.

credit: 그아이+WWloveHJL

[News] Young Saeng, Kyu Jong, Jung Min will act in 'Super Star'

Kyu Jong & Jung Min will be acting in 'Super Star' together with ex-Seeya member Nam Gyu Ri

Credit: (Chinese translation) cHiri-TW @ + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

In drama series 'Super Star' next weekend, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min will be acting together with ex-Seeya member Nam Gyu Ri.

'Super Star' is filmed in 10 different stories. For each story, the cast, storylines and producers are different.

Episode 6 were acted by Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Nam Gyu Ri. The 1st Episode - 'Black City' is acted by Kim Hyung Jun & Son Ho Yeong.

Other than leader Kim Hyun Joong, other members are scheduled to act. Heo Young Saeng will also act in this drama but detail information is not confirmed yet.


had initially wanted to do the translations for this, but my connection is failing me = = since translations have been done by Mini UFO already, guess I'll just post it up.

My wish is coming true! Acting for all of them!!!!!!!!!
First for Young Saeng neh? 3rd for Kyu, 4th for Jungmin.

[Vid] Sleeping in Osaka...

This is the sleeping cut during their trip to Osaka in 2006.

credit: 601 + WWloveHJL@YT

[Vid] Kim Hyun Joong Number 4 for...?

I want to post this!!!

Hyun Joong is Number 4 in the Best 10 South Korea Beautiful Men
just right behind all the top male stars. AND he's the youngest. ~~~

ranking as follow:
First place: Jang DongGun

Second place: Bae Yong-Jun

Third place: Won Bin

Fourth place: Kim Hyun Joong

Kang Dong-won, Lee Byung-hun, Song Seung Heon, So Ji-seob are ranked behind.

credit: WWloveHJL@YT + egloos

Saturday, January 16, 2010

[interview] Channel V interview in 2006 with Hyun Joong

Channel V interview (2006/09/24)

again, found this while hunting for pigs.
rather read-worthy I guess!~


English translated by: 퐁캉(pongkang)

채널 v 인터뷰 - 김현중의 my lover (Kim hyun Joong's lover)
Channel V interview – Kim Hyun Joong’s lover

Q :가장 아끼는 보물 1호?
The thing what you set the greatest value on?

음 가장 제가 아끼는 보물 1호는요. 집에 있는 악기들이에요 .가장 아껴요 제가. 제 몸처럼 생각하고 기스가 나면은 제 몸이 기스나는거 마냥 치료해 줄려고 해도 치료가 안되네요 악기니까?...;
그리고 저는 수집하는 거는 주로 돈같은거 생기면은 악기같은 거 사요 . 음 간수는 잘해요. 제가 좋아하는 거는 안 망가트리고 잘 합니다.
Ummm… it is my music instruments in my house. These are what I cherish in my heart. I consider they are parts of my body. If they are scratched even little, I try to treat them. I know these are just instruments. When I have some money, I spend to buy music instruments to collect. I keep them well and I do cherish and do not break what I like.

Q :평소에 즐겨먹는 음식?
Favorite food in ordinary days?

한식. 한정식을 즐겨먹어요. 저는 양식은 별로 싫어하고 한정식을 즐겨 먹는데요. 제가 한정식을 만들 요리실력은 안되구요.
라면정도 끓일줄 압니다.
Korean Food. Korean full-course dishes are that I usually enjoy eating. I don’t like Western style food that much. Even though I usually eat Korean foods, I cannot cook them.

Q : 피아노를 잘친다는데?
Good at playing the piano?

솔직히 잘 치지 못해요. 그냥 악보보고 하나하나 찾아가면서 칠 수 있지만 악보를 딱 갖다 주면은 어 이렇게 하면서 칠수는 없어요. 평소에는 김범수 선배님의 보고싶다를 연습중인데요.
네, 준비하고 있습니다
Honestly, I am not good at it. If I practice and read music step by step, then I can play. If not, I can’t play immediately such as a pianist. I now practice Kim Bum Soo’s “missing you,” yes. I’m just practicing.

Q : 가장 좋아하는 노래는?
A favorite song?

뭐가 있을까요... 좋아하는 노랜 많은거 같아요. 잘 바꿔갖고.
예전에는 다줄꺼야 좋아했어요. 옛날에는 18번 곡이었답니다
Let me see… I like most songs. My favorite song has changed thousand times. I used to like “I’ll give all to you” before. That was my favorite song.

Q : 언젠가 꼭 해보고 싶은일?
A thing what you want to do in someday?

저같은 경우는 서태지 선배님 처럼 밴드를 결성해서 멋진 공연 한번 스탠딩 공연 해보고 싶어요. 외국에서 하는 뭐 락음악 축제같은 우드스탁 그런데 나가서 공연 좀 해보고 싶고 뭐 세계적으로 큰 뮤지션이 되는게 저의 큰 소망입니다.
In my case, I would like to form a band like Seo Taiji and have a fantastic all-standing concert in someday. I want to be a big musician worldwide invited to the rock festival, such as The Woodstock music and art fair, to have a performance on my own stage.

-현중이의 독특한 언어구사력과 세계관을 엿볼 수 있었던 인터뷰. 일단 80년대 후반 태생이 서태지를 우상으로 삼고 있다는거 자체가 놀랍고 그래서 더 현중이의 꿈에 공감이 간다고나 할까? 제 나이대가 딱 서태지 세대였기 때문에^^;
-Through this interview, I found his unique linguistic style and point of view. Above all, I was really surprised that his goal is to be Seo Taiji-like despite he was born in late 1980s. Thus, I may say that I sympathize with his dream because I am the Seo Taiji generation. ^^;

큰 꿈을 갖고 있다는 거 너무 좋아요. 우리나라에서 제일 인기많은 아이돌 같은게 아니라 - 세계적으로 큰 무대에서 공연을 해보고 싶다- 얼마나 멋집니까? 큰 꿈을 갖고 달려가는 현중이. 팬질할맛 납니다^^
음악을 사랑하는 현중아. 앞으로도 기대할께. 네가하는 공연은 빠지지않고 갈테니까^^
Having a dream and hope is really good for him. He said he wanted to have his own stage in a worldwide concert instead of being the most popular idol in Korea. What a nice he has a big dream! he is worth while being a fan ^^ (for me to interpret it from the korean meaning, I think it should mean ''the concert that you wish to do, don't fail to do it~!")

[misc] Hyun Joong and random 72 questions

credit: eng Perfect KHJ

Chanced upon it when I was hunting for pigs... :lol:
old and short 'trivia' ? done in 2004.
I'll just copy and paste from the original author from (old) Perfect KHJ.

100 Questions and 100 Answers

This is done by him in early 2004.
There are some missing answers, because I omit it.
If you can see the question, you know why I did it. Please understand.

1. Real Name?: Kim Hyun Joong

2. Nick name?: Blockhead

3. Birthday? : 1986. 6. 6

4. Where you live? : *** (Please skip it ^^)

5. Wish? : Winning Lottery and our team’s big hitting

6. Families? : Grand mother, Father, Mother and older brother

7. Height and Weight? : 181cm 70kg

8. What’s your good point? : create pleasant atmosphere

9. What’s your weak point? : Simplicity

10. How can you express your personality only one world? : Active

11. Who is your favorite star? : Seo Tai Ji

12. What is your favorite song? : Songs of Seo Tai Ji & Korn

13. What is your favorite season? : Winter

14. Which game you can well? : Counter-Strike

15. How’s your ideal type? : Kind, cute and pure girl

16. Which one prefers same age, elder or younger? : Same age

17. How’s you condition right now? : The best

18. What is in your pocket right now? : Purse, cell phone and keys

19. Have you ever slept away from home? : Yes. I had a lot. ^^

20. How’s drinking capacity? : Not well

21. How’s habit when you drunken? : Sleeping

22. When did you drink for the first time? : Elementary school students. I thought it was water. (= =)

23. When do you want to marry? : Around 30. (still remains the same)

24. According to your song? : Need more effort

25. According to your dance? : So is it

26. Which gift do you want to get these day? : Ring

27. What are you doing when you are alone at home? : Watching TV and Listening Music

28. When you stand in front of Mirror, what’s thought? : Nothing special

29. How’s your dress right now? : Leather jacket and cap

30. How much do you have in your purse? : 7,000 won

31. Which gift do you want to give to lover? : Everything

32. What do you think big different between man and woman is? : Body (again = =)

33. Which song do you always sing when you go to singing room? : Mal dalija

34. If friends not coming to appointment? : Waiting and then go

35. If the lover cheating on you? : Persuade her with good saying

36. How long can you wait in appointment? : 10 minutes.

37. How many did you kiss? : Once

38. Which part don’t you need to get plastic surgeon? : I don’t want. (you don't even need ne?)

39. Which part do you want to get plastic surgeon only one? : Scar on elbow

40. Who do you want to meet most right now? : Now? There is no idea

41. First love? : 2nd Grade in middle school students

42. When did you sob the most grievously? : Well… When the toe bumped against a threshold (hahaha Hyunjoong you're a guy ne!)

43. When did you feel you are adult? : When I tall (uhhuh, I know you're superbly tall.)

44. Which work don’t you like? : Sedentary work

45. When was your heart full? : When I did what I want to

46. When was you embarrassed? : When I miss 1st prize in lottery closely

47. Who is the best you have been meet girl? : Well…..Um….

48. Why don’t you meet ant girl? : ^^;;

49. What feeling for her? : ♡

50. Speak briefly to people who are reading this one right now : Thank you

51. What’s your great worry? : Practice ㅋㅋ

52. When you feel you are weak? : I’m strong ㅋㅋ

53. Do you have any knowhow for not getting the brush from lover? : Do well unconditionally

54. Three standard for estimating human : Face, heart and character

55. How’s your school record? : Upper part (... upper part?)

56. Whose number is the first on your cell phone? : My Home

57. Which words on you cell phone? : For one-millionth

58. How much you use for cell phone cost? : 35,000won

59. Which country you most visit? : Swiss

60. Which TV program is your favorite? : Stairways of Heaven (Drama)

61. Which move you were vexed?: My Wife Is A Gangster 2

62. Which move you got impressive?: Titanic, My Sassy Girl

63. Which move you see lately? : The Ring 2

64. Recommended move? : Silmido

65. If you were a person who is in the movie, which move and character you want to be? : Jung Woo Sung in Beat

66. How many café in Daum you joined? : Around 40

67. Which café you visit frequently? : Our café ㅋ

68. What are you feeling for your café? : The number of Members is small ㅋ

69. One word to owner of café : Please collect new member more ㅋ

70. Can you marry somebody else for lover? : Never

71. If your parents were against your wedding?: I do absolutely

72. Do you think you have a nature of playboy? : = =


translations may not be accurate as she is a korean, but you can get the gist of it.

[사진] Drawing of the alien world~

Maybe you'd have seen it before.
This is during one of their events held in Japan. I'm not too sure which year it is, but I'm guessing 2007? Yeah it is, I just checked out the calendar. 26 September, 2007 (Wed).
Supposed to be @ 3PM, but Youngsaeng drew it as 3.30PM...

How cute those drawings.
Hyunjoong and his 4dimensional whom only Mal can decipher, kkk~
Jungmin's is very aegyo~~~ with that chibi ^-^

Credit & source: 601 + Triples TW
lifted off: HJC

guess whose.?
nah not leader's...
Young Saeng
so anime...

Jung Min

pretty obvious ain't it?
I won't divulge kk~

Hyung Jun

[사진] Rebirth Japan edition -- autographed postcards

Rebirth Japan Edition - Autographed postcards

credit: SS601
Don't hotlink graphics please, thank you~

[사진] Tony Moly Japan Limited Postcards of a white snow prince

Japan Tony Moly gives out free postcards with the picture of a white snow prince...
Official goods, only limited and exclusive.

Envious much?
Can faint~~

source: elley0606's Daum blog
from: TripleS TW
Please don't hotlink graphics, thank you~

[Persona] Persona in Bangkok details

SS501 Persona in Bangkok, Thailand

Time: 2010 February 13 (Saturday)
Time: 7PM (gates open 6PM)
Venue: The Impact Arena (Mueng Thong Thani)
Singer: SS501
Company: DSP Media (Thailand)
Organizer: Do Concert, Ltd.
Pricing: 5,500 (VIP) / 4,500 (seating) / 4,500 (seating) / 3,500 / 2,000 / 800
Ticket on sale at: Total Reservation / Tel: (66) 2-833-5555
Ticket on sale begins: 2009 Dec 2~

[News] Encore Seoul Tour Package (Finalized pricing)

Tour Package for ENCORE Concert

Credit: SS601 +
Please repost with full credit

hello ~

Mynameis korea is a company exclusively hosting 'SS501 The 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in SEOUL ENCORE', which has reached an agreement with DSP for the convenience of enthusiasts in Asia.

We announce that the expense for the tour has been set after putting together the ideas of each nation's fans.

The website will be open as of January 15 at 13 :00 and we are looking forward to your enthusiastic participation to cheer SS501.

Chinese fans will probably need much time to be issued visas. So do it now!

Website :

Period for applications : January 16, 2010 ~ January 29, 2010

For further information, korea call 02-3406-6333
(available time : 9 a.m. ~ 6 p.m.)

It is with great pleasure that we announce

'SS501 The 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in SEOUL ENCORE TOUR' as follows.

◆ Date :
7 p.m. Saturday, February 27, 2010
5 p.m. Sunday, February 28, 2010

◆ Place : the 1st gymnasium in the Olympic Park.( gymnastics gymnasium)

◆ Schedule : From Friday, February 26, 2010 to Monday, March 1, 2010

◆ Period for applications : January 16, 2010 ~ January 29, 2010

※ Please refer to the below regarding the details and the application for the tour

1. China( the strating point : BEIJING, SHANGHAI )
■ The local travel agent : 楊子旅行社
■ The person in charge: 徐志炎
■ The contact number: 021-6261-1255

■ The local travel agent : 深圳中旅
■ The person in charge: 朱钦钦
■ The contact number: 0755)6162-5908
■ Price: HKD7,000

■ The local travel agent : 新加坡 CTS
■ The person in charge: 王敏敏
■ The contact number: 65-6532-2538
■ Price: SGD1,700

■ The local travel agent : 兴安旅行社
■ The person in charge: 车培华
■ The contact number: 8862-2581-4548
■ Price: TWD30,000

5. Malaysia
■ The local travel agent : 新世界旅游有限公司
■ The person in charge: 碧斯
■ The contact number: 604-657-9013/ mobile (phone): 012-4385823

4D3N SS501 Fans Concert Scedule
Date: 2010.2.26(FRI)-03.01(SUN)

02.26 (FRI) Arrive in Seoul
Step on entry formalities and go back to Hotel
Accommodation: SUP Hotel

02.27 (THU) (includes lunch - Bibimbap)
Morning: free time
Noon: After having meal , we will go to the duty-free shop - international brands Duty Free Shopping
Evening : watch SS501 concert.
Go back to the Hotel after watching concert
Accommodation: SUP Hotel 

02.28 (SUN)
Morning : free time
Noon: After having a meal , we will go to the duty-free shop and visit the Korea Ginseng Store and go shoping at South Korea's well-known cosmetic store
Evening: watch SS501 concert
Go back to the Hotel after watching concert
Accommodation: SUP Hotel

03.01 (MON)
Departure from the hotel
Shopping at Korea native product store, then go to Korea's Incheon International Airport by car.

**Tour Package includes :
- 3 nights accommodation (Based on twin sharing)
- 1 day lunch
- 2 days concert ticket
- guide and bus service in a set for all of the 4 days schedule


Alright, I'm lazy to translate, got other things to do too. Since there's a translation available already, I'll post it up!

Bytheway, I had called up the enquiry lines in my country already.

This is actually a tour package that consists of airfares + accomodations + concert tix everything inclusive, and of course along with the concert preparations for you. For residents residing in each country as mentioned above, you're supposed to register with that respective company (as stated above) for your package tour. After which, if I'm not mistaken, the people from that country will go as a whole (?). I'm not too sure about that though, it's just what the person from the company told me. They're still awaiting for confirmation like itinerary and such from the MyNameIs Korea.
The tour package price is really......steep though. Can't be helped = =||

*EDIT* thanks to MiniUFO I learnt that Xiaochu had updated it on Quainte already.
Thanks to both huns ^^
The tour package is rather attractive right? You have morning free time. Although I think you can extend the period of stay by yourself (don't go back with the others); it's a rare chance. I will if I go. I'm still pondering if I should... Argh I hate decision making. Wish I'm just born with a silver spoon in my mouth so I don't need to worry and thinkthinkthink.

[Vote] 2009 Seoul Music Awards + other misc polls

credit: SS601

Bonsang Nominees: 4th page - "SS501 - Love Like This"
Popularity Nominees: 5th page - "SS501 - Love Like This"


Other Polls to vote for:

Best Idol Group with more than 5 members as seen by personnel:
(no need for login)

Most ambitious maknae? 'Seungri (BigBang) VS Junho (2PM) VS Hyung Jun (SS501)?
Click Me

Best couple in 2009 dramas?
Boys over Flowers

Tiger of the year! Who will it be...?

Boy group who seem like they could survive longest

Most anticipated singer of this year?
hover over the title where you see "SS501 in it" and click. That's considered completed.
A vote per day.

Member with best artistic sense - Kyu Jong , Hyun Joong

[Vid] SS501 #6 for Idols with Abnormal nicknames

credit: 3kimheoparkss501@YT
SS501 - Idols with Abnormal nickname @ ETN Entertainment news @ 14 Jan 2010

[사진] High Cut and Its Dazzling Star

Has everybody seen the MVIO Vol.21 HIGH CUT issue of The CF Shooting Star who shines so ever brightly and dazzling ?
Don't blink your eyes for you may just lose sight of his sparkle.

HIGH CUT Vol.21 Jan15~February4, 2010

Hyun Joong how's the sun getting on you?

Feeling unique?

Tattoo's back in fashion~~
2010 fashion ne?

Han Sang Hyuk's 2010 Tattoo Spring/Summer Collection.

Love Like This leased this to Hyun Joong. ^o^