Friday, May 24, 2013

영생:: Heo Young Saeng 1st Photograph 『ETERNAL LIFE』

There will be a commemorative fanmeeting held with regards to this 1st photobook (사진집) on May 25 (Sat).

Heo Young Saeng 1st Photograph 『ETERNAL LIFE』

★Photobook Specs★
※ Price : 9,800 yen 
※ Page : 152 pages, All Colour
※ Size : 220 x 300mm

※ Making DVD (~30 mins)

★ Special Pre-order Goodies ★
※ One and only vedro (glass) designed by Y.S (1 pax)

※ Mini vedro (glass) selected by Y.S (2 pax)

※ Tiny Glass Angel, specially selected by Y.S, grants your wishes come true (2 pax)

※ Polaroids (10 pax)

◈ All location shot in Japan, Nagasaki(長崎) under the camera lenses of Young Saeng himself for 4D3N amidst his busy schedules

Source: Young Saeng Official Japan Site
Source 2: Sale Site - KJ Star Product Page

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

현중:: [영상] 3rd Japan Single 『Tonight』 ― Inclusive Track 「君だけを消せなくて」 Teaser Video

The teaser (promotional video) for inclusive tracks from Japan 3rd Single 『Tonight』 which will be released on June 5 has been revealed.

Track No.3 '君だけを消せなくて' 

Track No.2 'Cappuccino' is also inserted in the clip from 0'50'' onwards:

Source: Universal Music Japan Official Youtube
Video Link:
Video Copyright: Universal Music Japan

Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Wrap Up] 5/19, Sunday : This Week (5/13~5/19) Important Events

This week's important happenings.

Sat, May 18 - Sun, May 19:

  • [Hyung Jun] MBC weekend drama 『금나와라, 뚝딱! (Gold Appear)』 #13, #14

Sun, May 19:

  • [Hyun Joong] SBS 『맨발의 친구들(Barefoot Friends)』 #5

Friday, May 17, 2013

현중:: 5/17, Kim Hyun Joong donated 100 million won to aid the reconstruction of Ya'an Earthquake

It's such a kind deed, once again, without being in the public eye, to carry out a kind act even after. This is a kind act accompanied with a kind heart that is unable to be feigned.

韩国艺人@金贤重 向壹基金捐赠一亿韩元用于雅安地震灾后重建,同时希望通过壹基金传递对雅安人民的祝福。款项已经确认到账,感谢韩国朋友金贤重对雅安的支持,壹基金会认真用好善款,最后借@金贤重 的话送给大家:祝福雅安!

Korean artiste @金贤重 has donated 100 million won to One Foundation to aid in the reconstruction of Ya'an earthquake, and, at the same time, to convey his blessings to the citizens of Ya'an. The donation has since been confirmed to be received, we thank our Korean friend Kim Hyun Joong for lending his support to Ya'an, One Foundation will be sure to make full good use of this kind donation, last but not least, once again, to borrow @金贤重's words: God Bless Ya'an!

Source: May 17, One Foundation(壹基金) Official Weibo

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

현중:: Kim Hyun Joong 2013 KHJ SHOW "Party People" Official Poster

Kim Hyun Joong 2013 KHJ SHOW "Party People" official poster.

Source: HENECIA Korea

현중 :: Kim Hyun Joong 3rd Japan Single 『TONIGHT』 to release on June 5 (updated)

Hyun Joong's 3rd Japan Single ‘TONIGHT’ will be released on June 5!  It would be close to a year since his release 
of 2nd Japan Single ‘HEAT’ in Jul 2012, and half a year after 1st Japan Album ‘UNLIMITED’ in Dec 2012.

This time, it is said that all the 3 inclusive songs will be different in style, given that he's had tried rock, dance, ballad, medium before. It's quoted to be a new challenge he's taking on. There will be a change in his way of singing, too.

Kim Hyun Joong 3rd Japan Single

◈Discography Name : TONIGHT

◈Release Date : June 5, 2013 (Wed)

Limited Edition A/초회한정반 A

Jacket Design A

02. Cappuccino
03. 君だけを消せなくて
04. TONIGHT (Instr.)
05. Cappuccino (Instr.)
06. 君だけを消せなくて (Instr.)

TONIGHT ― Music Video

Limited Edition B/초회한정반 B

Jacket Design B

02. Cappuccino
03. 君だけを消せなくて
04. TONIGHT (Instr.)
05. Cappuccino (Instr.)
06. 君だけを消せなくて (Instr.)

Cappuccino ― Music Video

Limited Edition C/초회한정반 C

Jacket Design C

02. Cappuccino
03. 君だけを消せなくて
04. TONIGHT (Instr.)
05. Cappuccino (Instr.)
06. 君だけを消せなくて (Instr.)

君だけを消せなくて ― Music Video

Limited Edition D/초회한정반 D

Jacket Design D

02. Cappuccino
03. 君だけを消せなくて
04. TONIGHT (Instr.)
05. Cappuccino (Instr.)
06. 君だけを消せなくて (Instr.)

5 different message cards inserted randomly 

Standard Edition/통상반

Jacket Design E

02. Cappuccino
03. 君だけを消せなくて
04. TONIGHT (Instr.)
05. Cappuccino (Instr.)
06. 君だけを消せなくて (Instr.)

Special Booklet 

Special Pre-order Goodies as per each online shopping site 


- [Purchase all 5 titles] MVs of all 3 songs - Making DVD (17 mins)

Other Normal Outlets (HMV Japan, Tower Records, etc)

- [Purchase any of the Limited Edition A, B or C] A2 Poster (in limited quantities; different designs as per each edition)

Special Live Event 

「キムヒョンジュン 野外ライブ&花火@横浜赤レンガ!!!」

Date : September 15, 16 (Sun, Mon)

Time : 6:00 PM (both days)

Venue : Yokohama Akarenga Park

What : Performing to the new songs accompanied with fireworks show

Source: DATV Japan Shopping, Universal Music Homepage

Monday, May 13, 2013

현중:: [NOTICE] June 8 Birthday Fanmeeting 『2013 KHJ SHOW ‘Party People’』 - Show Details, Reservation Details, Seat Plan (updated)

Please refer to the notice on for concrete details for all other information such as the Interpark's english site will only be available for ordinary public booking, and also fanclub authentication/certification steps so as to facilitate smoother/quicker reservation once it is open - in Korean and English translations.

<Show Details>

Show name : 2013 KHJ SHOW “Party People”

What : A birthday party celebration cum fanmeeting event with live performances too

When : June 8, 2013 (Sat), 7:00 PM

Where : Korea University, Hwajung Gymnasium, Seoul

Ticket : 66,000 won

 Fanclub Pre-sale booking: PINK
Ordinary Public booking: GREEN
Japan Package Tour: SKY BLUE

<Pre-sale/Reservation and Booking Details>

Fanclub Pre-sale

Fanclub Reservation : May 15 (Wed), 8:00 PM ~ May 16 (Thurs), 6:00 PM

Fanclub Authentication/Certification (to prove you are a member) : May 15 (Wed), 5:00 PM ~ May 16 (Thurs), 6:00 PM

Reservation at where : Interpark (

Ordinary Public

Ordinary Public Reservation : May 16 (Thurs), 8:00 PM onwards

Reservation at where : Interpark (

※ Tickets Delivery : May 22 (Wed)
※ Ticketing Hotline Enquiry : 1544-1555

NOTICE at: HENECIA Korea Site [1], HENECIA Korea Site [2], Hyun Joong Korean Official Site [1], Hyun Joong Korean Official Site [2]
Related Post: ‘Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Seoul’ cum Birthday Party on June 8
Related Post 2: Lotte Duty Free Shop Model Commemoration Event + Birthday Fanmeeting & Mini-Concert Package Tour (JP fans)  

영생:: Musical 『Summer Snow』 in Tokyo - His Showtimes Schedule (updated)

The following is Young Saeng's, who initially wasn't going to have any shows in the Tokyo stand, showtime schedule for musical 'Summer Snow' in Tokyo from May 31 to June 15.

ホ・ヨンセン (Heo Young Saeng) as ソ・ユンジェ (Seo Yun Jae) : 

May 31 - 7pm

June 1 - 1pm, 5:30pm

June 12 - 1:30pm, 7pm

June 13 - 7pm

June 14 - 1:30pm

Source: Summer Snow Official Site
Last Updated: May 13 (Mon), Young Saeng Official Japan Site, Summer Snow Official Site

Sunday, May 12, 2013

[Wrap Up] 5/12, Sunday : This Week (5/6~5/12) Important Events

This week's happenings.

Tues, May 7 - Thurs, May 9

  • [Jung Min] In Taiwan for work

Sat, May 11 - Sun, May 12:

  • [Jung Min] Official Tour with Japan Fanclub Vol.5 - in Tsumagoi, Japan

Fri, May 10 - Sat, May 11

  • [Young Saeng] Records KBS 'Golden Camera', and, KBS2 'Happy Together' Season 3

Sat, May 11 - Sun, May 12:

  • [Hyung Jun] MBC weekend drama 『금나와라, 뚝딱! (Gold Appear)』 #11, #12

Sun, May 12

  • [Young Saeng] SBS '도전1000곡 (1000 Songs Challenge)' Broadcast

Sun, May 12:

  • [Hyun Joong] SBS 『맨발의 친구들(Barefoot Friends)』 #4

Friday, May 10, 2013

현중,형준:: About the initial 5/26 '2013 DREAM with WORLD CUP' celebrity soccer match

About the initial 5/26's '2013 DREAM with WORLD CUP' Celebrities Soccer Match.

Hyung Jun

Rough Korean translation by system machine

JJUNAWAY 사무국입니다.

현재 하나 투어 재팬에서 모집하고 있습니다
"2013 연예인 축구 경기 투어"에 대해서는
"김형준 출전"라고 기재되어 있습니다.
 개인 출전 예정이었지만,
본인 및 소속사와 협의없이
영리를 목적으로 하는 이번 이벤트가 확인되고
본인은 출전을 포기하게 되었으므로 여기서 이렇게 알려드립니다.

팬 여러분들의 착오 없으시길 부탁드립니다.

Regarding the "2013 DREAM with KOREA CUP", there is currently an application recruitment carried out by ハナツアージャパン (Hana Tour Japan) for interested fans to join in, to which it stated that "Kim Hyung Jun in attendance". Though initially he was going to participate in it personally, as this (tour) event was carried out with the sole purpose of achieving individual benefits without any prior consent from the person nor his agency, he has then since gave up in participating in it.   

Hyun Joong

Rough Korean translation by system machine

일부에서 문의를 받고있었던 "2013DREAM with KOREA CUP"에 관해서는
김현중 (Kim Hyun Joong)의 참가 계획이 없다라고 한국 사무소에게서 연락이 있었습니다.

팬 여러분들이 불법 투어 등에 참가하여 부상이 없도록 조심하세요.

Regarding the "2013 DREAM with KOREA CUP" that we've been receiving some enquiries about, we were notified from the Korean agency that there was no plan/schedule of Kim Hyun Joong to be in attendance. 

We hope for all fans to be careful in not receiving any harm by joining and applying for illegal tours. 

Source: Hyung Jun Official Japan Site, Hyun Joong Official Japan Site

Thursday, May 09, 2013

정민:: May/9, Apple Daily Taiwan Interview

Upon the invitation by 'Trendy Idol' magazine for an interview, Jung Min was in Taiwan since 3 days ago. It was previously mentioned in an article I read few weeks ago that he would be going to Taiwan for work, etc. Nonetheless, it's been a long while he's been in Taiwan. A short interview session with Apple Daily media.

News Courtesy Apple Daily TW + (eng trans)

13.05.09 (Thurs), Original Article:-

朴政珉3.5萬名牌包遭搜身 訪台自爆學髒話

(above) 高貴名包


정민:: [사진] Taiwan Radio ‘I like radio 娛樂e世代’ Facebook Photo Update

Jung Min on Taiwan radio programme 'I like radio 娛樂e世代' on May 8 (Wed). 
It was a surprise guest visit prepared for the listeners.

Source: Taiwan Radio 娛樂e世代 粉絲團 Facebook, DJ Ken Wu Facebook

Sunday, May 05, 2013

[Wrap Up] 5/5, Sunday : This Week (4/29~5/5) Important Events

Tues, Apr 30

  • [Hyun Joong] Returns from Indonesia, Jogja for shooting of SBS 『맨발의 친구들(Barefoot Friends)』

Thurs, May 2:

  • [Hyung Jun] Public Hearing Session on Public Culture and Development of the Arts

Fri, May 3

  • [Young Saeng] Korea-China Friendship 31st Anniversary Concert

Sat, May 4 - Sun, May 5:

  • [Hyung Jun] MBC weekend drama 『금나와라, 뚝딱! (Gold Appear)』 #9, #10

Sun, May 5:

  • [Hyun Joong] SBS 『맨발의 친구들(Barefoot Friends)』 #3

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's now May 2013...

벌써 5월이다... 오늘 5월 1일이다. 시간 참 빠르다. 

In no time, it's already May... Today is May 1 (2013.05.01). 
We're approaching the half year soon. Needless to explain, time truly blinks...