Monday, May 13, 2013

영생:: Musical 『Summer Snow』 in Tokyo - His Showtimes Schedule (updated)

The following is Young Saeng's, who initially wasn't going to have any shows in the Tokyo stand, showtime schedule for musical 'Summer Snow' in Tokyo from May 31 to June 15.

ホ・ヨンセン (Heo Young Saeng) as ソ・ユンジェ (Seo Yun Jae) : 

May 31 - 7pm

June 1 - 1pm, 5:30pm

June 12 - 1:30pm, 7pm

June 13 - 7pm

June 14 - 1:30pm

Source: Summer Snow Official Site
Last Updated: May 13 (Mon), Young Saeng Official Japan Site, Summer Snow Official Site

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