Friday, April 05, 2013

현중 :: [정보] Lotte Duty Free Shop Model Commemoration Event + Birthday Fanmeeting & Mini-Concert Package Tour (JP fans)

In conjunction with June 8's birthday fanmeeting and mini-concert, there will be another Lotte Duty Free Shop Model Commemoration Event on that day as well which takes place before the birthday fanmeeting. Japanese fans who join 
in this tour will get to attend both sessions. As usual, it is a package tour. To share the details...


《1部:キム・ヒョンジュンロッテ免税店モデル記念イベント》 日本のファン限定!


《2部:キム・ヒョンジュンのお誕生日パーティーファンミーティング&ミニコンサート》 日本のファン+韓国のファン!


◆ Tour Highlights

《Session 1: Lotte Duty Free Shop Model Commemoration Event》 Japanese Fans only!

1. Kim Hyun Joong Talk Show
2. High-touch with all participants!
3. Kim Hyun Joong's 'Lotte DFS' pictorial album given to all participants as gift!
4. 10,000 yen worth of vouchers for Lotte Duty Free Shop and Lotte World Duty Free Shop (5,000 yen for each)

《Session 2: Kim Hyun Joong Birthday Party Fanmeeting & Mini-Concert》 Japanese Fans+Korean Fans!

1. Kim Hyun Joong's birthday party fanmeeting
2. Kim Hyun Joong's mini-concert

Source: Apr 5, Hyun Joong Official Japan Homepage

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