Thursday, April 25, 2013

현중 :: 4/25, 26th Story 『......................』

26th message written today (Apr 25). In grey is self note.

Hi~~~ This' my writing in a really long while already; shot the 3 Japan music videos (for 3rd JP Single) in a single week,, It seems like it'll be coming out really awesome... hehehehe

I'm feeling good though I had only slept for 12 hours~~ How are you all these days, been fine?????? I'm heading for Indonesia tomorrow (for 'Barefoot Friends')......ㅡㅡ

Going for experiencing some real hardships, the variety I mean.... Although really tough, it's been a long while since my appearance on TV and so people around me are saying they really liked it kekeke

Seems like my hardship is others' happiness~~ Despite so, it's still a relief because I got to know many good people~~~

It also isn't that I'm neglecting the preparations of my Korean album ya~~~ so don't worry about that; really am putting in heart and soul preparing for this time's album; it'll be the kind of album that once it's out you'll be so surprised at it that you'll fall backwards on your back and suffer from a brain concussion that kind; as for more information on it (album)... can't say it yet^^
Therefore, once it's out, please listen to it alot alot and also help to promote for it ok kekeke
After I return from Indonesia, I've also got to start preparing for the fanmeeting (birthday fanmeeting)
Initially I didn't want to have such an event because Memorial Day is a national holiday actually...^^;;;; Despite so... I'm not certain if you all would like that, and that since I've already rested (activities) for too long in Korea.... I will prepare with all my mighty best for it
Do anticipate a fanmeeting with standard just like a concert's..kekeke
If so, until that day, I'll go submerging under the water for time being and go quiet, while preparing for album that is
There's so much I wanna show to you all that it feels so stifling because I wanna start activities as soon as possible kekekeke
I will be sure to give an outburst of these all in one shot so do anticipate ya ^^
Meanwhile, don't be hurt and be well for time being^^

Source: Hyun Joong Official Korean Homepage - FROM.HJ

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