Monday, April 01, 2013

정민 :: 4/1, Twitter Update

Twitter update on the wee morning of Apr 1.

I... have a confession.. to make to.. everyone today.. I wanted to keep hiding this though.. but.. I.. actually have a child hidden at home. And it's two at that... I'm sorry that I've brought about disappointment to so many people. I would like to apologise as the head of my happy family. My dears, I love youu!

The two children is referring to his two new doggies adopted recently - Kkang-kkangi and Dae-geoli

Might be changing name to 비누(binu; soap)
Or other names also in consideration: 우유 (uyoo; milk), 거품 (geopum; bubbles), 구름 (gureum; clouds)


Source: Jung Min Twitter [1], [2], [3]
Info from: Jung Min Agency (Yamaha A&R), My Daily
Photo Copyright: Jung Min Personnel

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