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[Vote] Kim Hyun Joong is the most popular K-star of 2009

Kim Hyun Joong, Han Kyung, Kim Hee Chul are the most popular K-stars of 2009

source: CRI Online
translations: (chinese) TripleS TW + (english) OdeDS@BS
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2009 entertainment circle has been filled with shining stars, the big stars are shining brighter, and the new stars much more shining. It looks so dazzling to the eye, just whose fame has been cooked up and blown out of proportion, just whose fame is anticipated by most? Who's the most famous and popular star of 2009?

Through CRI Online entertainment portal "International Entertainment Power 2009 Most Famous Internet Polling" activity that netizens participated in for 2 weeks of hot PK, the most popular people of 2009 J-K (Japan-Korea) region has been revealed. None of the Japanese stars entered the final round, and the Top ten has also turned into the ruling area of Korean stars. Korean version Hanazawa Rui, Kim Hyun Joong has won the champion with 72million votes, and Han Kyung who's a chinese but debuted in Korea won the second place with 41million votes, Number 3 is another SJ's (Super Junior) member Kim Hee Chul with 33million votes. The remaining position of the Top 10 are as follow: Park Hae Jin, Song Hye Gyo, Rain, Lee Jun Ki, Super Junior M, Hyun Bin, Lee Min Ho.

No.1 Kim Hyun Joong 723293 votes
Popular group SS501's leader, the flower boy who looks perfect in any angle at all, Kim Hyun Joong plays an indispensable role in the group. His unique line of thoughts and frank way of speaking often gives rise to laughter. Kim Hyun Joong in 2009 Korean version of "Boys over Flowers" played the character of Yoon Ji Hoo (Hanazawa Rui) and had successfully achieved the turn into an actor, and had since become both a singer and an actor, holding the double identity as an elite idol star. Perfect looks plus increasingly sophisticated acting, Hyun Joong's popularity in Asia has increased tremendously. Thus, Hyun Joong has been called the "Nation Sunbae" in Korea.

Kim Hyun Joong's fan evaluate him like this, "...Hyun Joong is no longer just an idol in not just my heart but also in the hearts of most green peas, he's just like a friend in my surrounding area. Seeing how he paid so much efforts to reach his dreams, after achieving the fame, he actually said the illusionary fame is all fake. He just hopes that TS (Triple S) won't regret ever liking him, and hopes Triple S will still bring their kids after marriage to see SS501's concerts (and that it would be free). He is so sincere and truthful, thinking of TS at any one time, thinking of members at any one time (he wasn't willing to take up Boys over Flowers initially, but because of Sajangnim who specially wrote a manual letter of his own, for the sake of SS501, he took up the role), thinking of family at any one time~~~ whatever it is, he placed himself at last place..."

No.2 Han Kyung 415591 votes

No.3 Kim Hee Chul 336887 votes

No.4 Park Hae Jin 247913 votes

No.5 Song Hye Gyo 201602 votes

No.6 Rain 145911 votes

No.7 Lee Jun Ki 138927 votes

No.8 Super Junior M 42181 votes

No.9 Hyun Bin 9700 votes

No.10 Lee Min Ho 8875 votes

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