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[News] DSP notice about Hyun Joong attending birthday party on 180110

I'm still very puzzled about the entire thing. Although I don't wanna bring it up anymore, I still have to clear this doubt.
I'm gonna post the translations done by Mini UFO on her blog as well as my personal footnotes from the various reports that I've read and came up with. It's soooo frustrating how these reports can kill my brain cells that I feel like I have zapped out all my energy in a day and needs to go to sleep straight away. It got me confused for a long while.

In pink and in italic font are my footnotes.

Conclusion: Hyun Joong was there, without prior plans but by chance and didn't have any choice, to congratulate Jeon Doo Hwan on his 80th birthday together with current CEO Lee Ho Yeon.

This is a fact : Lee Ho Yeon shares the same birth day as Jeon Doo Hwan.

Or else it won't make sense that Lee Ho Yeon is outside with HJ going for schedules when he (Lee Ho Yeon) should be celebrating his (Lee Ho Yeon's) birthday.
So I think -- it should be going to Jeon Doo Hwan's birthday together (for a short while because they have Lee Ho Yeon's birthday party after that) instead, after receiving the call.


Credit: (pic) ss501.dspenter.com + (Chinese translation) xinhm@hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS501UFO.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit.

Hi everybody, this is DSP media
Since yesterday, a lot of people after reading Hyun Joong's report, tried via many methods to enquire about this matter.
We think we should at least let TS know the entire process of Hyun Joong went to the location in the news report.

The detail is as the followings:

18 January, yesterday is CEO, Lee Ho Yeon's (I’d think it’s Jeon Doo Hwan, the ex-president’s instead)(*reEDIT* Indeed, it is error in news.) birthday.
That night other than Jung Min who was filming 'Human Theatre', we have scheduled appointment together with Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Hyung Jun to have dinner together.

Before going to the appointment place (at night),
Hyun Joong who originally had other schedule in the day, went to the discussion (of birthday party) location together with the CEO (Lee Ho Yeon),
On the way, the CEO received a call
On the way they (HJ + CEO Lee Ho Yeon) went in (to the Jeon Doo Hwan's birthday party. Because Lee Ho Yeon is good friend of Jeon Doo Hwan’s, so they were there to just send short greetings) for a while then left and proceed to the appointment (of birthday party) location as scheduled.

Without any intention or planning, this incident just happened coincidently
There's no room for choice
Hyun Joong was not used to receiving bad comments and seems to receive quite hurt by it.

Whether stay for 1 minute or 10 minute, no matter what is the situation at the moment.
Just making an issue by going or not going, although we don't expect everybody will understand.
But we hope you should write the article after understanding the truth.


One & Only post regarding this issue.


As according to this link, yes indeed.

Controversies are but dead and should-be-dead murderers.

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