Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Peom][정민] 09.17 Press Conf Q & A

Park Jung Min (SS501) Press Conference Q&A
September 17, 2010
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Q. What type of woman do you like ?
Basically, I like a matured woman, who can mentally encompass me, funny, and with whom I can go through my life together. Japanese women? Yes, I like them. However, I went to many countries, and feel it difficult to understand people only by nationality; each person has his/her own personality. Those who love me, please be matured (laugh)

Q. You speaks good Japanese. What are the tips for proficiency in language?
Well, I like people, and therefore, I would like to understand what they speak, what they think of, all of these passion would be the keys to improve proficiency in foreign languages.
Therefore, please love Korean people if you learn our language. If I am the reason you study Korean, I would be more than happy ( he seemed to intentionally used a childish word to express
“happy” as he felt a bit awkward )

Q. Why are you interested in fashion?
Well, I am an entertainer, having being wondering how to make myself nice looking. That is why I am interested in fashion. I like the styling to compensate the looks, easy and comfortable to wear.

Q. You now look so slim !
I have been on diet, loosing 7 ~ 8 kilos, by practicing exercise everyday, controlling appetite. I am glad to make a success in diet ! I make it sure to have a delicious meal once per day now. The food I got addicted is sesame sujebi, putting sujebi in sesame soup. It is sweet-smelling, and very tasty. Sesame is good for brain. If you have children, please have them eat sesame.

Q. How do you ease yourself from stress ?
I let stressful feeling out at site. I get mad when I am upset, exploding anger if I get irritated.
I do not drag along stress, that is good for health.

Q. How do you spend a off day?
Recently, I have no off day …… since it was decided to start solo activity, I have been busy in taking lessons of singing, acting, and exercise. You ask me what I would do if I have one day off ? Well, I would like to spend with you
* The female reporter to whom Jung Min said " I would like to spend a day-off”, was so shy, saying, “ Your comments would not be broadcasted in TV ".

Q. The title of your Fan club was decided ?
Not yet. How about “ DO “ , an abbreviation of “Dakaretai (= would like to embraced)
And “O” ( = women ) (in a laugh)

Q. Are there some actors/actress with whom you would like to work together in Japan?
I like Japanese drama, watching many dramas, but I cannot imagine a specific person. I would like to make my best so that they would nominate myself for co-starring. In future, I would like to star in Japanese TV drama. As I like to talk with people, I would like to join “ variety” programs as well.

Referring to the schedule from now on, Jung Min will have a press conference in Taiwan around the last half of September, followed by the release of a single CD in Korea. Then he will be back to Japan to perform a Japanese musical, “Bonds, Boys be ambitious !” from November 18.
Again, he is planning to have a fan meeting in Japan on December 22 and 23. In spring in 2011, he will start drama shooting in Taiwan …. It will not end his future planning. He would like to release a solo album not only in Korea, but also in Asia, starring in Korean drama, and so on. He is now working hard in Chinese lessons, to prepare for his activities in China. We expect that he would be active through Asia.