Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hi guys,
I make my streaming listening tutorial bcome private now. Bcoz i have to do some change here and there for more friendly tutorial. Also i will add some more info and big change information after just finish discussed with korean fan after ask soribada staff.

I will make some FAQ too for easy reference..

Give me more time i will back in few hours after editing..
So please do check back and reread streaming listening tutorial bcause there will be some change, more info, and important notice!

Love ya...

PS: i open comment section. You can ask anything about buying and listening. I will include them in FAQ


HI Guys its me again...
Sorry i havent posted the tutorial yet.. This almost 24 hours i have studied in detail about soribada, and yes my tutorial will the complete and easier one for you. Now its already finished 70 %. Its so complete and clear i think.. You will not have any confused anymore. And i give tutorial too for any possible problem you will encounter in your registration. Hehe waooo for the complete one need more time.. So please be patient.. I will sure post that tommorow morning...
And beacuse now am working for FAQ list too, so i will post both tutorial and FAQ in one go, tommorow...

I have fixed and ask all question that i cant answer to korean fan. The answer will be in FAQ tommorow.

Want to add sumthing important:

- after i have some fixed discussion with korean fan and ask soribada staff, for you have Soribada music card, your streaming listening is COUNT IN! So keep do listening streaming. For soribada music card holders can found the streaming listening tutorial in liezle's blog ^^
But i really strongly suggest you that have soribada music card to register in soribada site too, because it will help manage your time so much, and because that managing time so can add 'more points' to the scoring system. I have soribada music card, but i register to soribada sites too, and do listening from my soribada account (not from my soribada music card) because many advantage will we get if we have soribada account.

- For you dont have soribada music card, you can support too by streaming listening, but you have to register in soribada sites first (free charge) then after that do streaming listening. Will give the complete tutorial for this later.

- If u want to buy Soribada music card, you should only use IE as your browser, because payment check DOES NOT WORK in any other browser. Just works valid in IE only.

- But for you that already have soribada music card, and do streming listening, the browser you can use is : IE / firefox / google chrome ( i have confirmed this). But the best way is use IE. Use one of this browser, and your streaming listening will be COUNT IN!

-In short, you are able to contribute via OWNING A CARD and also NOT OWNING A CARD , but watch your steps each time

The rest important FAQ will be post tommorow!


Anonymous said...

hi...first, thanks for the constant updates. my question: there's a difference between purchasing the music card and subscribing? if i only purchase the card without subscribing, my downloads will still count towards the chart? i can't understand korean, can't find my way to subscribing.

ㅇㄷ♥ said...

hi anonymous,
what do u mean by you can't find ur way to subscribing? maybe you could wait for awhile more, it might be easier to read then. after which then you could ask again if u still have problems ^^

Mitch said...

Ahmm hello,, im new to this site,, i came here to know how to listen via online their songs cause i still cant purchase the album but as i want to support ss501 i want to try online listening... For them to gain more points.
Thank you and hoping you will reply asap :D

ㅇㄷ♥ said...

hi mitch-ssi
maybe you want to wait a while longer?^^ A more detailed tutorial is "in-the-making" so check back again^^
Yeah but thanks much~

jolene said...

Hello... i think i can wait for you to put the more detaileed tutorial..hehe..

I kinda feel bad because i had bought it without knowing that you all planned to buy it in between 4th to 10th [or so like that?? i'm not sure.. =x]

Anyway.. since i had already bought it... i guess i can then support listening through online streaming by registering.. ^^

So.. i am being patience right now.. hahaha.. thankyu for making tutorial for international fans like us who doenst know korean language to understand the procedures.. :)

xuan said...

hello, thank you for making the tutorial. i bought the music card n clicked activate frm the email i received, then there's soribada new tab however its all in korean so i dunno where to log out. i read frm somewhere that need to log out for the online streaming to be counted...hope u include the guide on that in the tutorial too. thank you!

ㅇㄷ♥ said...

hi xuan-ssi
yeah that "log out" thing was in the tutorial as well. and yes, you need to log out before a certain time limit for ur votes to be counted. maybe you might want to wait for the new tutorial (more detailed and with minutes) to be out in maybe...tonight? Iono but do check back^^


Anonymous said...

hi ode. can i know if i can help in the streaming of music if i didnt bought the card? Can i just register and listen to the music?

ㅇㄷ♥ said...

@anonymous 4:00pm
yeah can, but that will be in another tutorial that'll surface itself soon, so maybe you wouuld wanna wait awhile for the more detailed teach-how..

NippoXX said...

Hi Ode!!
Yesterday, I read your tutorial and translated it into Vietnamese *of course with full credit* ^^ for TripleS Vietnam to join. But someone also said that, for us - those oversea fans, although we register successfully but it can't help because the IP of us will be classified into 'oversea' :| And even reducing the points of our boys because crowded users access.

I don't know if that is true and still waiting for your new tutorial.
I have been surfing your blog for a while *since you made your blog public* and happy with all the news that you bring us ^^ Didn't have a chance to say thanks to you. So now, thank you :D I'm waiting for your new post. Fighting for our boys :D

Vonhuixin said...

Hey! I didn't know abt the mass buying So I already bought it. So I hope to support them via streaming. Shall wait patiently for ur tutorial on subscribing and streaming, since I only have a music card but did not subscribe to soribada. btw, ur previous tutorials work well for me in safari browser. And, Thanks for those tutorials.

mitch said...

@ ode

oohh a big thanks... when the tutorial's done please warn me, again thanks for being kind

yaying said...

Oh.. Thankyu for tutorial in advance. The first barrier for access soribada is korean language because I don't understand although use google to translate that

Tomorrow, I waiting for tutorial and thank u again for hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was wondering... can a card log into two different pc?? I mean.. i am the owner of the music card.. so i am currently streaming the songs.. but i shared this card with a friend of mine... is the counting including mine or hers if we both stream at the same time?? If not, then we both will register.. and stream using the registered ID which i hope that the registration will be successful.. >< Please reply, thank you.

ㅇㄷ♥ said...

@anonymous 10:43 am
Hmm, can. possible. so long as you don't log in with different music card. if it's 2 different IP addresses,
but the same music card, possible.