Monday, May 24, 2010

M-Net : Register as a FREE member ( int'l fans )

By purchasing songs digitally, you add to the ranking on music portals. And on the other hand, you are supporting/downloading legally, and you get to listen to the song all time long.
But some might ask, how do you purchase the songs since if you need to buy the Rights and Privileges to it, and you can't use an overseas C.C, only those in Korea allowed. Then, how do you do it?

Try it first.

For M-Net's case,
each song only costs 600won, it is real cheap.
But you have to be a member first.
In the following, it teaches you how to become a member too even if you haven't been one.

To be FREE member

Go to the following URL to register as a member.

Select 'Foreigner' of course.
Fill in the relative necessary details that are needed of you.
In the E-Mail box, as mentioned before, please do not select Hotmail. It does not work with korean operating platforms at all...

Await for their e-mail to arrive before you'll officially become an Mnet member.

After you've become a member, you are able to download the song @ only 600 won/song using M-money (where you top up by paying with your international credit card).

Is that affordable or what?

Please don't confuse yourself with THIS tutorial where it lets you become a PAID member where you make use of the PAID account to Stream/DL many songs.
To want to become a PAID member is only if you are a music maniac, that is.


You see the 'MP3' button. That is what you click.
-notice the 1st orange button beside the song track number, writing 'MP3'

If you have successfully managed to clinch a 'Download' deal, you will be prompted to install the 'QuickManager' application box. In it, you'll download your song.

Looks something as follow:

do give it a try!


Download M-PLAYER ... HERE
Download/Stream songs ... HERE