Wednesday, May 25, 2011

M-Net : Download M-Player / Download Song / Stream Song

The Quick Manager and the M-Player has changed in layout.
However, it still works the same. Pls dont fret much.
In fact, it now works much simpler.


Very important asset. Please install it by all means.

Go to:

Scroll down until you find this.

On the following page, you will see this.
Click on the orange boxed - 'Download the M-Player'.

Soon, it will tell you to save it to somewhere for your download to commence.

After download completes, execute it and start installing yr M-PLAYER.

After it has been successfully installed, open up M-PLAYER.

After M-PLAYER opens, usually if you're executing it for the 1st time, a 'Configuration' box will pop-up.

Look for the '닫기 (x)' 버튼 기능 설정 option.
Select '트레이로 이동'. then '확인' (meaning Confirm).
This function is: when you close the 'x' button at top right corner, it will be minimized to tray.
For safety sake, it's best to do this option.

Proceed on to Log-in with your ID and Password.

Your M-PLAYER is now in full function.



First of all, please make sure you have enough in your M-Money (M머니) account.
Check this by clicking on your ID name on Mnet main page. and check for 'M머니'.
Make sure you have more than 600 won (for each song).

If not, top it up with help from this link ( ).

You can first try to locate your desired song on
Try to download your song by clicking on the 'mp3' button beside song name.
Do you see it prompting you for 'Quick Manager'?

Yes, that is why you need to have Quick Manager installed. All these start from installing the M-Player. So M-Player is very important.

Start up M-Player. Log in.

Go to the Search box.
You can choose...
'아티스트' (Artist) - (eg) 김현중 or
'곡제목' (Song title) - (eg) Break Down

Locate your desired song.

Start DownLoad of your desired song as follow (eg).
Click on the 'mp3' button.

If a following pop-up appears, click on 'OK' in any instance.

It is telling you to start up the Quick Manager box. In it, you will finish up all your downloads that you want.
It looks like this...

So long as you have M-Money in your account, you can DownLoad songs.
Each song costs 600 won only. Very affordable.

Await for your desired song to complete its download.


(1) Every download of a song only counts in once per ID
So you don't have to download the desired song again.
You can choose to DL it before you stream, or not.
It doesn't matter - but at the end of the week where calculation is drawing near, you MUST have a DL of it.

(2) Remove your downloaded song from the originally downloaded folder. Into your mp3/another different location. Before you start streaming.



Before you are able to stream, you need to purchase the 'Stream Coupon'.
Do THIS before you stream.

You MUST stream on M-Player!
Even when you want to listen on,
it will actually prompt you to start up M-Player.
So having M-Player is very important.

Execute M-Player. As usual, Log-in!

Search under the box.
아티스트 (Artist) -- (eg) 김현중 or
곡제목 (Song title) -- (eg) Break Down

Many songs appear. Click your desired song - ONCE.
and look for the button 듣기 (meaning: start listening)

Start playing your playlist.
Please be in the following format, for 1st-time Playlist:
Title song-Title song-Another song-Title song-Title song, and so on...
You may decide how many songs you wish to insert into your 1st-time Playlist.
It can be 5 or 10, or as you wish.

Before you log-out by night time, please remember to delete your playlist in full.
Click on the box beside your songs you chose, and find '삭제'.
Your playlist will then be deleted.

(1) You can stream many times of yr desired song from the time you logged into M-Player until logging out by 11.50pm. But, it will be counted as per ID.

(2) There can be more than ONE TIME ON PLAY of your desired song on each time's playlist (you can have the same playlist throughout the day).

(3) No re-playing of a single song. Undo that function by clicking on the button as follow.
Make sure it's not white, but Grey.

(4) You don't need to DL the song first before you stream.
But of course if you want to, it's your choice.


About Logging-Out...

Fully terminate by the Day
If you want to fully terminate the programme,
click on the "MENU" button at top of MPlayer. Select "프로그램 종료".
It will then be fully terminated.
You MUST logout by 11:50 PM!
So Remember to terminate your MPlayer fully by 11:50PM (Korean time)!


What yr strategy can be...

Since most people will decide which song to listen to by viewing the realtime charts,
listening to it at least once by each of us will help by quite abit.

Try to listen to the entire song, and not stop halfway or just start the song and then drop out.

Even if you're very busy, at least listen to it once per day. Just once in a day can help too.
Listen on an hourly basis will do (ie, once per hour).


Kayla said...

are this still the same? cause i heard that MNET had change to rules for streaming since August 2011..please let me kno..thanks

ode said...

@Kayla yes it's updated version. I change it regularly. so yes is the latest rule, as compiled and arranged from various sources.

Anonymous said...

@ode Can you recommend some free internet K-stations/players that you can recommend?