Thursday, May 12, 2011

영생 :: May is special month!!!

It's the time of the month again where the comeback is made by another member! In May, it is now Youngsaeng!!! Please read carefully each of the different posts because its system has inevitably changed in a mini way or another.

Pls also keep in mind that :
Melon+Bugs+Mnet are the Top 3 most important music sites.
Followed by Dosirak, then lastly Soribada.

However out of these Top 5, only Mnet and Soribada are available for foreigners. So please do the arithmatic; you can count the possibility/weightage by each site & all that you need to do.

→ Mnet is more important than Soribada. Meaning, try to D.L the songs fr. Mnet too if you can

→ Soribada is also equally important, so long as you do all the procedures in the right manner.
*Note that there are changes in the way it operates

** are important ones as a headstart
Bolded are very important

Become M-net's member (which is essential for you to advance forward) | [1]

**Buying of songs from M-net | [1]

**Voting on M-net's MCountdown weekly | [1]

**Become Soribada Card Holder | [1]

**Streaming+Downloading @ Soribada | [1] [2] (By Keuai)

I don't get it about Streaming? | [1]

Is Digital Music @ Soribada important? | [1]

Understand more about Soribada!! | [1]

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