Saturday, May 14, 2011

영생 :: Article 13/May - Warm Affection and Brotherhood

The above title is self-made ^^

On the day of Heo Youngsaeng's solo comeback saw the setting forth of SS501 members.

On May 13th, Heo Youngsaeng will kick off his first headstart through KBS2's 'Music Bank'. Because of that, SS501 members have gathered for that. At the waiting room on this day saw Kim Kyujong who's currently under a same agency as him. In addition, even Kim Hyunjoong who's currently preparing for his solo album had found his way there to root on for Heo Youngsaeng.

Heo Youngsaeng's agency talked to Newsen in a phone interview on this matter, "Kim Hyunjoong and Kim Kyujong found their way to the waiting room secretly to give their support for his solo debut", "Heo Youngsaeng himself too was extremely thankful for that", as was revealed.

After moving into respective agencies and focusing on each's work, it is once again proven of SS501's friendship amongst one another. It was known that because of their respective schedules on this day, Park Jungmin and Kim Hyungjun couldn't make their visit there, however they have already relayed their support through the phone to Heo Youngsaeng before this.
(content after the photo in the link only because upper part was abt summary of the day's perf)

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