Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Soribada : Stream + Download ( done by Keuai )

Tutorial copyright: Keuai (

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Keuai (그아이)'s tutorial on how to download from Soribada.

It is pretty much the same and really helpful. It is more detailed.

*Also, I'd like to talk about the registering of an individual's PC.
This is actually NEW procedure done up by the Korea Music Association recently to protect the copyright of online digital music. This is why you did not see Step.12 previously whenever you download songs from SRBD, though it has always been "1 card to 3 PCs".
Now that this procedure is introduced, you should include this step.
So long as you do these properly, I'm sure it can work better.

Please always bear in mind about something called 'impression'. Public would have a stronger impression if they see a song high on the charts, or rather somewhere visible for them - which will increase their curiosity and want to listen - psychologically. Which is then highly likely to increase rank.

I'd like to remind this ::

  • Streaming 50% + Download 50%

Streaming is always considered.
Download is considered ONCE (aka ONE time) for EACH ID.

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