Friday, May 20, 2011

현중 :: 첫 솔로앨범 예약판매 오늘부터 시작~ Online pre-order begins today

Online pre-ordering for HJ's album starts today. This is for Individuals who want to buy the album on themselves. Pre-ordering on other sites won't post 'cos not as important.
Please also take part in the
'Bulk Buy' together with fanclub(s) if you can!

of course your personal perference all in all.

You must have heard from everywhere (mainly Korean sites) that says only Synnara E-shop will count into the Hanteo charts and all. From what I understand, yes it is the case, but only in terms of 'Realtime Reflection'. It does not make sense if you think about it being the 'only' online site to reflect onto Hanteo (on the overall). Places like the biggest online store (YES24),etc, DOES count into Hanteo as well. So please don't hesitate nor worry.

=SYNNARA E-SHOP (if possible, buy from here only if you wish to play safe)
(available for Koreans+Foreigners) |
**how to buy? | CLICK |

=YES24 (available for Koreans+Foreigners) |

=INTERPARK (available for Koreans only) |

=ALADIN (available for Koreans+Foreigners) |

=KYOBO (available for Koreans+Foreigners) |


Anonymous said...

may i know where do we send the information to..??? and how much does it cost for overseas delivary...

ode said...


That will have to depend on how much you buy and where you buy from. Different sites charge their shipping & mileage fees differently.
As an alternative, you could try to go through the steps to purchase yr items first, at the final step of settling paymt, tt's when they'll state yr total amt (+shipping etc).