Sunday, May 29, 2011

Park Juhyun-yang...

Recently, 'Heo Youngsaeng's Girl' has been creating a bout of discussion amongst netizens on the net.

Group SS501's member Heo Youngsaeng has recently made his comeback with his solo debut song 'Let it go' and is receiving hot favor over it. In his comeback stages and music video, the female with beautiful looks who appeared is quickly garnering much attention from netizens. With her huge eyeballs and pure looks accompanied with her outstanding figure, she captivates one's attention at once, and arouses the curiosity of many, wondering who exactly she is.

This protagonist in question is none other than a newbie trainee singer under Lee Hyori, Heo Youngsaeng and Kim Kyujong's agency B2M Entertainment - as was revealed.

B2M personnel disclosed, "Park Juhyun is currently receiving alot of attention from many people with her appearance in Heo Youngsaeng's stages. Everytime she appears on the music programmes, she ascends on the top few most-searched keywords of realtime on portal sites". They also mentioned that Park Juhyun is a member of a new girl group that is slated for debut in this coming Fall, "In order to have a successful debut, she's undergoing tremendous and tough training at the moment".

그렇구나.. ^^ I see...

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liezle said...

Thanks Ode!

Here exposure will surely help her in the future.