Friday, May 27, 2011

현중 :: Miclub helps Intl' Fans to buy from Synnara (Update: 05.27)

As written in this post, if you'd want to buy from Synnara E-shop (if you're an international fan), you could do so.
However, if you're worrying for the transferring remittance fees and all that, you could try to purchase together with fanclub(s) who help in buying from Synnara E-shop.

Here is one link for reference from Miclub KHJ:

Instructions are in English and Japanese.

To make Kim Hyun Joong rank 1st place!

Dear Henecia Overseas, to make Kim Hyun Joong rank 1st place, it is important to buy the album through SynNara Eshop.

SynNara is the proven website to reflect on Hanteo Chart but it is difficult to purchase overseas.
we will make the purchase for you the Kim Hyun Joong's Solo Album through SynNaRa Eshop.

Please visit our website and email to -



miclub powerful s 運營者にメ-ルをください。


Updated notice on their website!

Not just Buying of the album, you could also join in to donate HJ albums for a good cause!

Please head over there and view. Account information through Remittance/Paypal, etc are stated.
Should you have more queries, you could e-mail them as well.

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