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현중 :: Henecia Fanclub Joining - { NEW } Notice & details

Greetings. This is the Keyeast.

At the beginning of May, the queen of seasons, which is the most beautiful and fresh month of the year, we have come with good news for all of you.

2011 Henecia, the official Kim Hyun-joong fan club, is now recruiting members who are interested in supporting Kim Hyun-joong and his efforts during this period of intense activity, coinciding with the launch of his first solo album.

Anyone can subscribe as a member of the official fan club , regardless of whether he or she is in Korea or overseas, as long as he or she is eligible to register on the official website (hyun-joong.com).

Please subscribe after reading the Henecia Subscription Procedure below.

We hope for the interest and participation of the many fans of Kim Hyun-joong.

Thank you.


2011 Henecia Member Service

ØMembership duration: June 6, 2011 ~ June 5, 2012
(may change depending on the singer’s activity period)

ØOfficial 2011 Henecia fan club membership card

ØUse of the official fan club exclusive site and read exclusive contents

ØOpportunity to participate in fan club events (fan meeting, birthday party, etc.)

ØPriority to attend Kim Hyun-joong’s open broadcast sessions in Korea (subject to approval of sponsor)

ØPriority when purchasing concert tickets for Kim Hyun-joong’s concerts in Korea and overseas

2011 Henecia Subscription Procedure

> Subscription period: May 2, 2011 ~ May 15 PM 11:59 (Korea standard time)

(residents of Korea and international)

(Korea and abroad)

> Subscription qualifications: Anyone registered on the official website (hyun-joong.com)

*Overseas residents should carefully read the subscription procedure for overseas subscribers.

>Subscription procedure :

① Read the subscription procedure on the notice of the official website.

② Deposit the membership fee

③ Submit the deposit confirmation e-mail

④ Use of the official fan club exclusive site (Expected to notice later on)

> Subscription fee:

Korea - 10,000 Won

Person who requires overseas delivery –

1area : 30,000 Won / US$ 35

2area : 38,000Won / US$ 40

3area : 40,000Won / US$ 45

> Guidance for deposit :


Account holder : SHIN PIL SOON (HENECIA)

Account number : 611-020751-858


Address : 181, 2-Ka, Eulji-Ro, Chung-Ku, Seoul, Korea

Post Code : 100-793

Tel : 82-2-3444-5588

※Fan club subscribers in Korea should use their own name when making the deposit, while overseas fan club subscribers should make the deposit using the ID that they registered on the official website (hyun-joong.com).

> Deposit confirmation e-mail

• E-mail address : henecia@hyun-joong.com

• E-mail subject line : [Henecia] Name/hyun-joong.com ID/ date deposited

• E-mail contents:

① Name :

② hyun-joong.com ID :

③ Date deposited :

④ Time deposited :

⑤ Deposit bank :

⑥ Nation :

⑦ Address (with Zip code) :

⑧ Date of birth :

⑨ Contact No.(country code- area code – Cell phone No./ Phone No.) :

※Subscriber should write the zip code when writing your address.

Precautions for overseas subscribers

- Please understand that residents of countries where delivery is not enabled cannot register as members.

- Only individuals who are registered with the official website (hyun-joong.com) can subscribe as a member of the official fan club .

- Subscriber should write the zip code and should accurately enter the country name and address in English.

- We are not responsible for any inconvenience that may result due to inaccurate information when sending the deposit confirmation e-mail.

- When you deposit, it can be charged for the remittance.

-Deposit can be made using all types of banking deposit methods, such as Internet banking and Tele banking, but you must keep the deposit slip.

- The deposit confirmation e-mail should write in English.

- Information (Name and ID)on the official website (hyun-joong.com), information on the party making the deposit, and the information in the deposit confirmation e-mail must match exactly.

- The delivery period is subject to the delivery system in each country and may be longer than anticipated.

- Children under 14 years of age can become members as long as the following documents are sent along with the deposit confirmation e-mail; a form indicating the parents’ consent and a copy of medical certificate (legal proxy(parents)’s signature and the applicant’s (child) signature must be present in this document)

- We do not accept separate requests to confirm deposit, but will notify those who did not make the deposit after the period for subscription expires.

- Membership fees are non-refundable.

- The fan club card is a benefit that is available only to the member, and cannot be sold or transferred over to another person.

- We will verify that you are a member with the deposit slip before receiving the membership card.

- If a member requires a re-delivery to be made of the membership card, he or she must pay the delivery cost.

- In principle the card will be delivered once to the address on the deposit confirmation e-mail.

- The exclusive fan club site will be available during the period of activity of the fan club, and the method for accessing the site will be announced via the official website (hyun-joong.com).


1area ::
Pay how much: USD 35 / WON 30,000
Taiwan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Hongkong, Philippines, Nepal, Maldives, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia

2area ::
Pay how much: USD 40 / WON 38,000
Greece, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Russian, Romania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova, USA, Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, U.A.E, Armenia, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Albania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Yemen, Oman, Austria, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Iran, Israel, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Canada, Kuwait, Croatia, Turkey, Pakistan, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary

3area ::
Pay how much: USD 45 / WON 40,000
Guatemala, Nigeria, Netherlands Antiles, Niger, Nicaragua, Dominican Rep., Lesotho, Rwanda, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Mauritius, Mozambique, Benin, Botswana, Brazil, Burkinia, Faso, Senegal, Argentina, Haiti, Algeria, Angolo, Eritrea, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Elsalvador, Egypt, Zaire or D.R.O Congo, Zambia, Djibouti, Chad, Chile, Cameroon, Kenya, Costarica, Cote D'Lvoire (REP), Congo, Cuba, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Panama, Peru, Fiji Islands, Australia



Although it is a much rushed procedure, please do hurry up your pace and stand firm!

The above are taken from hyun-joong.com's notice, after arranging a little here and there and properly classified.

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