Thursday, May 19, 2011

ALADIN : Register ( for Int'l fans )

As previously mentioned before, sites available for foreigners includes Aladin; it is another simplest available out there.
KyoBo tutorial has long been done before here.

It counts onto Hanteo Charts, too.

{ NOTE! }
International Fans cannot buy off Aladin because a Korean address is needed;
you can only register.

Don't worry, you have the safest YES24 to safeguard.

Go to the following:
Click on the 'orange boxed' -- Join as member.

The 'orange boxed' is Agreeing to the Conditions.

The first orange-boxed : Foreigner
The second orange-boxed : Join as member

Fill in all necessary rows with your information.

'Tick Any' is referring to your preference of selecting any genre at all for them to send newsletters about.

That's it! Registration complete!


Joyce Choong said...
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Pornkamon Akarasompong said...

Can you help me buy telling how to stop the site from sending mail letters? Since I doesn't understand Korean.

ode said...

Hi, Pornkamon Akarasompong,

Yes, sure. In your mailbox, go to the particular mail from Aladin and scroll all the way to bottom - "If you don't want to receive this email anymore, Click Here".

You will be required to log in, and then you could simply follow the instructions on there.


Qwertyuiop said...

Do you know if they ship to Europe?

Unknown said...

Are they sell they things to indonesia