Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soribada : Stream - FAQ


Streaming Listening = SL
Soribada music card = SMC ( you have purchased soribada music card)
Non SMC holders = you don’t have SMC because you don’t have CC

Nicely collated, gathered and done up by : stalking_hj as of May 2010
Edited too on : May 2011
Thank you very much.

 SL is listening song direct/live from Korean portal music.
 Not any kind of listening can be counted/scoring as SL. So you have to be aware of this.
Example: listening trial song of 1 minute without log in with Music Card doesn’t count / listening trial song of 1 minute even as a registered member doesn't count.

In short, listening to 1 minute does not count.

2. How important is SL?
 Extremely important!!
 STREAMING itself counts for maximum 60 % - and calculation is across ALL music charts (Mnet/Bugs/Melon/Soribada/etc)
 Even Korean artist in twitter said so too. They said nowadays SL is so important!
 In Soribada, both 'Pay' (buying of digital song through Music Card) and 'Non-pay' method (streaming listening through SORIBADA REGISTERED ACCOUNT - only for Koreans) are count in. but 'Pay' method would be count in more!

3. Overseas fans can support by SL too?
 YES. The way available for overseas fans is from soribada and mnet.
Other online portal music like melon, bugs, dosirak you need KSS number or they blocked international IP address.

4. I have a question. With IE, I am able to trial listen 1 minute on Melon and Bugs. But do these count? Or do we have to register and log in at these sites as well?
 You have to register to be count in. No register/ID --- not counted. And to register in melon, bugs, dosirak you need KSS (Korean social security number)
 So the conclusion is, it doesn’t count!
 For sites like Melon/Bugs, they require Korean ID card so overseas fans can't really help.

5. Are just Soribada Music Card holders (the one who have purchased) that can support by SL?
Those whom don’t have CC can't support by Streaming...
Like I've said in THIS (Why buy SMC?) and THIS (How to Stream) , these tutorials tell you why you can't support if you don't have a credit card, basically.

6. If I have a music card does that automatically mean I have an account and dont have to register as site member?
 You don't have to register again. Just make sure you log in with your music card number as sent to you in e-mail.

In short, SL will count in even if you have not downloaded the song - just not of a bigger, compared impact.
It will just be : Pure Streaming on its own.

ie; 3 Steps to let you count your SL:
-Be a SMC (Card) Holder first.

-Start Stream Listen to the song on Soribada (or if you wish to download first, up to you).
By forming a playlist and have 30 times (ideal, can be more or lesser) of the targeted song.

7. I have Soribada Music Card (SMC). I haven’t downloaded the song yet (safe for later). I just listened to the song only! Can that be counted into SL?
 Yes, COUNT! But being a SMC-holder, your SL will be count in GREATER, if you stream the song AFTER you have purchased/downloaded. As repeated, should you wish to just do Pure Streaming on its own (before DLing or not) is your choice, but yes it counts.

8. What if i bought a music card? if i follow the exact same instructions on listening to a whole playlist and deleting it then re-adding, will it count?
 Yes, COUNT IN.
PS: you have already have SMC, it's really all that matters.

9. So the SL tutorial for SMC holders & non-SMC holders that have registered use this tutorial is same?
 YES. The SL tutorial both for 'SMC holders' and 'non-smc holders who are already registered' are SAME! But anyway, in order for any Streaming to count in, Non-smc holders basically have to be members of Soribada site - and that, only available to Koreans. so does not apply for most international fans, anyway.

10. So for non-soribada music card holders, we have to register?
 Even if you want to register, I'm afraid you can't do that anymore... I said it already HERE that such service (to become official member) is not available for foreigners anymore... Just repeated that point above, too. So no choice, you NEED to buy the music card.

11. I have actually purchased the music card with the 40-song download limit. If I have used up my 40 songs / if my card expires, am I right to say that I will not be able to log-in using that serial number anymore?
So then in other words it would mean that I have to either purchase another card?
 After your card expired, you will not be able to log-in using that serial number anymore. So if you want to do SL, you must purchase another new card.

13. Is use IE is a must. I am Mac user, can we use firefox or opera or safari?
IE is the most strongly recommended browser for this SL. There are some worried, if we don’t use IE, can we make sure every step we did is valid enough or be counted? I can understand this, why Korean fans strongly recommend IE, because Korean people basic/standard browser is IE, so its understandable if most Korean sites use some rules that just can apply in IE only. We have to make sure each step is valid. So just use IE, if you have IE.

 But if you really don’t have IE, you can use firefox/chrome. But I cant gurantee it will be absolutely count it. Because nothing fix opinion about this problem, some said it still count in, but some said not.
So my take on this: just do use IE first, if you don’t have its not wrong to try use firefox or IE because there is still opinion said use firefox/chrome still count in!

14. Can we still stream on soribada if we don't register? Take it that you don't have SMC (music card).
 There are two options for you if you don't register nor own Music Card.

1) Trial listen - 1 minute. Does not count AT ALL.
2) You need to get SMC. Only count in when you get the SMC!!!
Like I've said an umpteenth time, they no longer allow foreigner to register as a member even if you want to (so that you dont have to spend money to buy the Music Card)... You can't register as member - unless you're a Korean with KSS, of course. Get the point? ^^

15. I have already been approved by soribada, and currently I am playing, but why does it only play for a min? Is this normal?
 Yes you can only listen to 1min trial version because you didn't pay nor any member. The song only plays in full for those who bought music card.

16. Won't it count if we listen to the 1:00 trial listening? I really couldn't register!
 It won't be counted cos you need a valid account for it to be counted.

17. If we listen to the trial one (ie the 1 min one) is it also count?
 1 minute version is NOT counted in ^^

18. Why does soribada took a long time to load? I've been trying to register but the website is too slow
 Actually SORIBADA site is not stable, especially now more people go to register ^^. So do it earlier.It is friendly, don't worry.

19. I've actually bought the songs of Soribada and read somewhere that once you buy the song, even if you listen online (because you have overseas IP),
it's not counted. Is this true?

 Don't worry your SL is still count in, even if you're from overseas ^^
( I have reconfirmed this with Korean fan and they have asked soribada staff)

20. Can I just click Love Ya and the ‘replay 1’ time button?
Can't click on replay (of same ONE song)! need to add into the playlist - on LOOP mode with the same song in the playlist - can (+).

21. My friend say that for soribada, even if you don't have an account, the trial listen will be count in when you listen to trial listen. Is it true?
 Its not true! For you to have your SL to be counted in, you should have an account first (given that you already registered b4 the termination-of-service as of now)
Just get the SMC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. I am able to add more than 30 songs to the playlist. But does it mean i need to restrict to 30 for it to count? I have been adding like 50-100 each time before logging out!
 Yes you can, but don’t add too much, because I am worried you will get error or caught in skip playing condition. Recommended is : 30 times

*****(you are allowed to add the same song into your playlist continuously for 30 times. but you should not just add one time only of your desired song and then repeat that one song again and again - you can add about 5 times, then loop it.)

23. What happen if the playlist skipped, Still counted or not? or i should delete and make a new playlist?
 If playlist skipped, please delete all and create a new playlist

24. The song seems to be playing, but it's not highlighted in blue like you said. So does that mean the song isn't playing from the playlist I created?
 Its still playing, and of course its still count. So yes don't worry about it if your song is not highlighted.


If you still have some question that you havent found it here in the FAQ list, you can ask via e-mail. Thank you!