Tuesday, April 12, 2011

【 규종.정민.형준 】:: Kyujong, Jungmin, Hyungjun will be on Music High April 14

April 14 is Music High's 2nd year of anniversary. It is a special day for DJ Jun a.k.a DJ Kim Hyungjun (*^^*)
For Kyujong, in his schedules, it was previously known to appear on April 14's Music High. It turns out that he will be a special one-day DJ of this daily, very welcomed radio programme.
For Jungmin's schedule, he will also be guesting alongside as a special one-day DJ.

What does that mean? It is great news that both will be appearing in this Music High on April 14! Not 2, but with the official DJ - that makes 3 of the blood brothers!


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