Thursday, April 07, 2011

【 규종 】:: new Prince Shin in the making?

It was known that Kyujong has plans to star in musicals since he's also putting alot of effort in studying acting recently. But little was it expected to be Goong, the highly wildly popular manga hit, domestic or international.

From Joo Ji-hoon gun, to Yunho gun, to Kyujong gun.
All tall and refined looking ones^^.

Official site at :

It says that Japan's stand of the Goong musical will be held in June in Kyoto,
and SS501's Kyujong has been decided as the main cast - Prince Shin...


BTW, just something side-track. Kyujong (キュジョン) if you translate it using the online translator from J-K, it is just Kyujong.
But when you attach 'SS501' in front of キュジョン, it becomes translated into 'SS501 Kim Kyujong' when there is no sign of 'Kim' (キム) attached in front of the original Japanese. It's a different thing altogether, isn't it? I thought it's quite interesting. Must be fame, or coincidence.

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news.tsvn said...

Woa, I'm so surprised about the Japanese name of Kyujong. It's so meaningful. I wonder about the names of the rest 4 boys. Do they happen the same as Kyujong's name?