Monday, April 11, 2011

<PJM Loved in Asia>& <Forever SS501>airing schedule on Mnet Jp

from : mnet Japan
jp-ch translation : PATION @ PJMIFC (

When: May 14 (Sat) on Mnet HD channel
Time: 1PM ~ 1.30PM

*the following contains only main content of what's important to take note

This will be a close-up and exclusive footage following SS501's Jungmin as he does solo activities alone across Asia.

As he released his first solo album in January 2011, Park Jungmin has since begun his first showcase & fanmeetings. Starting in Osaka on 2010 December 23, then to Tokyo on December 24, Seoul on January 22, Taiwan on February 20, Singapore on March 20, and will continue towards Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, etc.

In this exclusive footage, you'll be able to see his preparations for this Asia fanmeeting, to his LIVE, and of course BTS behind stage.


from : Mnet Japan
jp-ch translation : 茶泡饭 @ doubles-ss501 (

When: May 25 (Wed)
Time: 7.05pm ~ 8pm

This programme follows the continuation of the past series ["I Love"] on Mnet Japan, and it consists of performances by Korea's top stars.

According to our programme producers and the Mnet production team, they have came out with the [Forever series], and has decided for its next protagonist - SS501!!

These popular stars have been selected by audiences to be who they would like to see sticking around till 'forever', and will be presented to you all through this debut programme on Mnet.

It will air many deleted footages of these stars that weren't aired before.

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