Monday, May 24, 2010

How to Increase searches

Please replace all "LOVE YA" with your new target
-- for example, upcoming JM's comeback, etc

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How to increase searches

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How to search for LOVE YA? // How to increase Searches?

you may be curious as to how to increase Searches. Besides just clicking on F5,
which is really just so simple, you want to love more because you love, ya...

For those who have a NAVER/Daum/NATE (3 main news portal) account, but mainly targetting towards NAVER & Daum, you have to log in before searching.

A kind sister has shared how to increase searches.

Here is the following:::

1. Key in 'SS501 love ya'
2. Open up all 'cafes', 'blogs', 'articles', 'knowledge' related
3. After opening up, then just close it afterwards
4. Clear your cookies.
(Menu-Tools-Internet Options)
5. After clearing cookies, select Menu-Tools-Internet Options-Settings
6. Select "Every time a window is opened"
7. Afterwards, just press on F5 each time to refresh the page.
And all searches will be counted.
Consequently, you do not have to disable cookies anymore.
It is done automatically; One-time frequency.

Try it first. It does help.

Click on every thing that has 'LOVE YA' in it.

Similarly, you can also try with 'DESTINATION'.
Same steps for all, but you still have to disable cookies. because you're
searching for something different.