Saturday, May 29, 2010

[직찍] 29th fansign @BUSAN [피쓰]

Hmm... That was fast. ^^*
Agree? It began at 2 and then photos were up.

Thanks for the reminding CKnim, thanks to her, I went back to search again and I realized...
There are 2 fansigns for today. This one is at Busan.
Later there will be one at Daegu at 7:00pm.
No wonder I kept thinking I couldn't have posted wrongly...
Well well well, whoever said there can't be 2 fansigns in a day? ^^
There've been alot of fansigns these days, not just for them, but for many artistes too..
If that's the case, then Busan will be the 2nd, Daegu will be the 3rd, tomorrow's will be 4th
Fansign Explosion

cut the crab and I'll post the photos (it's a locked post) + 후출: 육공일

You basically see all here

some said they're wearing couple outfits..^o^