Monday, May 24, 2010

[직캠][모음] 2010 Dream Concert -- 하루만 + Let me be the one (Compilation)

As usual...Time for fancams again...^^

Will collate all the already uploaded ones as of now.

Thanks to all uploaders as tagged in videos and on the uploaded youtube page.
Too many different ones, but very thank you all.


cr:너를위해님 + myjm43@yt (3.10)

HyungJun focuz
cr: as tagged in video + ssff4561@yt

cr: + celinachung@yt

HyunSaeng Focuz
cr: + hjcoco@yt

cr: perfect khj + thuhang@yt

cr: (hq) + wwlovehjl2@yt (3.57 version)

cr: (5.10 version)

YS focuz
cr: (keuai) + saengfam@yt

cr: + hyungjunangel@yt

HJ focuz~
cr: + mangos0rbet@yt

cr: perfect khj+wwlovehjl2@yt (0:57)

cr: yisaya86@yt + doublebaby

cr: + mangos0rbet@yt

Let me be the one
(^ already flooding all sites with 45,000 already hearing it)
This song is soooooooo beautiful. It is so unlike Ksongs,
it is so Billboard-Number-1, agree much?

HJ focuz
cr: perfect + shirbogurl2@yt

JM focuz
cr: doublebaby + yisaya86@yt

KJ focuz
cr: shirbogurl2@yt


cr: perfect khj + wwlovehjl2@yt (1.08 from here)

cr: 퍼펙트 + myjm43@yt


cr: prettyboy + mangos0rbet@yt

cr: (4.04)


Sisters supporting Rainbow~~~

Dont the uniform green wave gives you goosebumps even if it wasn't in dark?

cr: + kucouncil@yt


JM+HJ+YS focuz (1.17)
cr: perfect + myjm43@yt

YS focuz
cr: + celinachung@yt

HyunSaeng focuz
cr: + kucouncil@yt

HJ focuz (+performance)
cr: themurdererQ@yt

cr: 너를위해님+myjm43@yt


cr: yvonne@obsession + mangos0rbet@yt