Monday, May 24, 2010

[공지] 28th DESTINATION Fansign Event

Remember DSP left a notice here saying how
there will be an official notice on the 24th morning about the lottery draw
to earn tickets to fansign event on the 28th?

here is the 'notice' as on Yes24 and details for the Fansign as follows:::


When: 2010 May 28 (Friday), 8PM

Where: Shindorim, Techno Mart, 11th Floor, Grand Ballroom

Winners announced: May 27, 5PM, will be released on the e-bent (Event) Noticeboard,
750 will be randomly chosen
(amongst which 150 will be randomly chosen to receive autographs from all members; 150 across 5 members)
(1 to 1 Only)

**It is also not on a first-come-first-serve basis, instead,
it is by a Random basis. Which just means if your number comes first,
you go first.**

Detailed How: After you arrive at the venue, you will be go to choose your (random) Line.
The line you're supposed to queue in.
After members have arrived, you will go for another (random) draw with the members
being chosen randomly, too.
(eg;) JungMin-Blue ---- In blue line, Receives JM's signature.
"In Blue line" was already randomly chosen before members arrive.
So on and so forth.

Total of 5 colours (1 color for each memb.)

Application period: 2010 May 24~May 26, 00:00 (For 3 days only)

By purchasing "DESTINATION" special album, you would be automatically applied for a place
in the lottery draw.
*Please don't purchase other products besides the album, because you're entitled
to this fansign event only*
*Please only purchase SS501's new album*

Kindly take note.