Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Royal Avenue -- Awesome the Maximum Party

Since the words are not really visible, I mean have to squint that kind,
I went to type it out.
I know some have 1000 degrees of eye vision, am I right?

~~**니가 있어서 내가 존재있는걸**~~


AWESOME THE MAXIMUM -- Mansion Party with Royal Avenue

When: 2010.05.29, Saturday

Time: 09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM

Team B.W / Night Brain / Planet.B / RCEM / Hoon / HELL BOY

At door: 20,000 won (with 1 free)

Where: Apgujung, THE MANSION

Music policy: Electronic ONLY

VIP Info : 011-231-1284

More at: http://club.cyworld.com/crazynine

NO MINORS ALLOWED / Must bring your ID
(if not they will pull you out)

Dress code: RED point
*Those without the right dress code, will be given the Die Drink Time admission*
(I think it's a punishment code or something like that; can't see clearly)