Saturday, May 29, 2010

MNET Mcountdown Poll @ 2010.05.28~2010.05.31

Alright, I think there's a need for you to hear about this.

This MCountdown Poll is important because it's used for calculation
for next week. And next week will be their comeback, albeit they won't be going
on MCD just as yet, it's still important because the scores you get for this week's vote
will be used to calculate the score ranking system for next wk & subconsequently.
As you could see, Vote = 30%, and it will ofc contribute to MNET what else, ne?
Which is why it's important.
However, only official member (member who paid already) could contribute to this officially,
which just means that your votes will be counted for.

As to becoming an official member on Mnet, I may consider doing a tutorial again
since I know many are keen in that but they have hair problems..^^
Anyway, here is the address to the vote polling:::

hurry up nyo~ While stocks last -- 31st May!
A very tough fight between MBLAQ and Double...

Please give it much support!