Sunday, January 22, 2012

형준 :: Jan-22(sun) StarNews interview - "Wants to love(연애하고싶다)"...

Meaningful excerpt from today published interview which was done few days ago. Kim Hyung Jun is a full-grown man now!...! Oh, for No.1! Go-go-go Kim Hyung jun!

Jan 22(sunday)


★These days, he wants to date/love (get into a relationship)... Does not matter if the party is in showbiz or not. He does not differentiate specifically between one from showbiz or another from non-showbiz. But he does prefer to better meet one who is from non-showbiz. He also does not wish to hide their relationship if they date, he wants to meet freely as he wish. When the drama ends, he wants to date...

★When he was shooting the bed scene in drama, he was extremely shy. However his mother, friends and people around him told him it was quite alright. His fans used to be very extreme against those, but he suggests that now they may already have grown and aged so they did not really react too strongly when the scene was aired.

★He aims to release 2nd solo album by this upper-half-2012. For it, he wishes to get No.1 on music programmes and music charts.

★One of his biggest goal is to be well acclaimed by the masses before he reaches 30 to enter military. Where the masses' impression of him would be like, "Whether it be singer or actor, Kim Hyung Jun has no lacking-of anywhere!"

☆In other interviews, he also mentioned that he hopes to do another minimum 1 drama or maximum 2 more dramas in this year. Another rom-com first before he will proceed to try on a different genre of role in maybe 3rd drama! He wants to solid his base as an actor because he's falling in love with acting!

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