Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somin for ELLE GIRL

Fashion magazine [Elle Girl] has revealed its interview and pictorial shoots with Jung Somin through its Elle Magazine at (

Though she has been portraying the image of a cute and lovable girl most of the time, she managed to strike a natural yet charismatic look, hence flaunting the charms of an actress. Arrogant looking without any trace of a single smile on her face as she stares straight into the camera, and yet still exerting a feely-feely with her expressions.

During the interview that was held after the shooting, indeed, she did not fail to show her confident beliefs and self-thoughts. She who has just completed shooting for the special youtube edition for drama [Playful Kiss] recently confessed honestly that she "just returned from a holiday to Jung Dong Jin (the Eastern Coastals) so as to placate her somewhat complexed feelings in the heart". (after shooting)

With regards to how she feels about beating out many other female actresses to claim the role of Oh Hani, she feels, "It was a challenge for myself indeed", as she tells on seriously. She also added on that "Oh Hani is actually a very different character from the real me", "Though many others see and compare the both of us to be very similar, it was a role that I wasn't able to handle it well to an extent".

"Exactly because we are so different, I henceforth felt that Hani has influenced me alot alot throughout this entire period as I was loving Hani".

She also felt that 2010 has been an extremely meaningful year for her as she has only debuted as a newbie and yet already having starred in two works, "I don't really know whether people see me as a success or a failure, but I already possess two experiences in this wide battle-field where I'm standing in; there are really so much I've gotten. I feel like I am now able to challenge anything at all, already".

You can view this pictorial shoot in the December issue of [Elle Girl] through the newly revamped Elle Magazine at You are also able to view it via the smartphone application of Elle Atzine.