Tuesday, February 28, 2012

영생 :: End-march comeback with 2nd Mini Album

According to the article, there is now official confirmation by agency that will release his 2nd mini-album at around end-March, and he is undergoing recording and selections now. It is such elated news to learn!

기사에 따르면 오는 3월 말쯤 영생군 컴백합니다요
너무 기쁜 소식이구요 ^^

-27일 허영생 소속사 B2M측은 스타엔에 “허영생이 3월 말 컴백을 위해 음반 준비중에 있다”고 밝혔다.

-english: On the 27th, Heo Young Saeng's agency B2M has told Star-N News, "Heo Young Saeng is currently preparing for his oncoming discography return at around end-March".

-이 관계자는 “허영생은 미니앨범으로 컴백하게 될 것”이라며 현재 좋은 곡들을 선곡하는 작업에 열중하고 있으며 아직 콘셉트 관련 확정된 사안이 없다고 전했다.

-english: The spokesperson also added, "Heo Young Saeng will be making his comeback with a (2nd) mini album", and that he is currently selecting and receiving good demo tracks at the moment. There is no specific concept set yet.

-이에 관계자는 “허영생의 ‘선녀가 필요해’ 방송분은 아직 나오지 않을 것”이라며 “‘선녀가 필요해’ 녹화 일정과 컴백 활동이 겹칠 수도 있다”고 덧붙였다.

-english: In addition, "Heo Young Saeng's appearance in 'Need a Fairy' will not appear yet", and that "Shooting for 'Need a Fairy' may clash with his comeback activities".

*previously, it was said that his appearance will be shown only at around middle period of sitcom's broadcast.


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