Thursday, February 09, 2012

영생 :: Sitcom 『선녀가 필요해(Need a fairy)』 role, New album plan period

Today's news talks about confirmation in "Need a Fairy", his role discussion, his new album's estimation period.

It is very exciting ^-^.

SS501 허영생 ‘선녀가 필요해’로 연기자 출사표

1. 이와 관련해 허영생 측 관계자는 2월9일 오전 뉴스엔과 통화에서 "아직 확정되진 않았지만 허영생이 한 달 정도 나올 것 같다. 역할은 아직 정해지진 않은 상황이다. 다음주 쯤 확정이 될 것으로 보인다"고 말했다.

english: Personnel on Heo Young Saeng's side has also talked to Newsen on Feb 9 (Thursday) through the phone on this, "Though it hasn't been confirmed yet, Heo Young Saeng will appear across the show for about a month. His role still has not been decided yet. It will be confirmed around next week".

2. 하지만 허영생이 출연하는 방송분은 첫방송이 시작되는 2월 말이 아닌 3월 중순 또는 말에 전파를 탈 것으로 보인다.

english: However, Heo Young Saeng's appearance will not be appearing around when the drama first airs in end-Feb. Instead, it will be around mid-March or even end-March.

3. 허영생은 시트콤 출연과 함께 3월 또는 4월께 새 앨범활동을 시작할 계획이다. 

english: Along with his sitcom appearance, he is also planning to start his new album activities in March or around April.

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